January 22, 2022

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Iranian lawmakers want ban on pets to protect “Islamic way of life”

A quarter of the country’s parliamentarians have signed a speech believing that living with pets is a “major social problem.” The bill has been the subject of many teases.

In Iran, 75 delegates – a quarter of parliamentarians – recently signed a speech “Support for people’s rights against harmful and endangered animals“In which they represent living with pets”Devastating social problem“This event, they warn,”Gradually change the Iranian and Islamic way of life“In”Transforming human and family relationships with emotional relationships with animals.

The bill specifically seeks to ban “Keep wild, exotic, harmful and dangerous animals in your home for breeding, buying or selling, riding in traffic, vehicle or livestock.“Appears in list.”Crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards, cats, rats, rabbits, dogs and other unclean animals (according to the Muslim religion) and monkeys“. In Muslim law, both the dog and the pig are considered unclean.

Any offender will be fined 10 to 30 times the equivalent of a fine. “Minimum monthly labor wage“(87 euros), plus”ConfiscationOf the animal.

Anger and ridicule

But the proposed law provoked criticism in the press, ridicule on social media and anger among Tehran residents. “This project will cause chaos, corruption and collective disobedience because (…) living with animals is a cultural phenomenon today.“, Reformer Shark newspaper warns.

More and more Iranians from the middle and upper class have pets, and many of them keep their dogs at night in the parks and streets of the capital’s upscale neighborhood.

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Beyond anger, some Internet users seek humor. “How many times have cats tried to eat you?», Ironis on Twitter by journalist Yegane Kodami. ⁇I’m renamed my cat ‘Killer’ since hearing this billAnother posted a photo of his kitten.

One actress, who has been involved in the animal affair but is being asked to remain anonymous, believes she has abandoned organizing a demonstration in front of parliament due to pressure.

Some parliamentarians who have faced this outcry are openly defending the speech. “I generally agree with the plan, but do not agree with some clauses», Moussa Kasanparapadi, Chairman of the Judicial Commission, who signed the speech, explains. “It’s just Bill. Whether it succeeds is another matterhe said.

Somayeh Rifieï, an ecological assistant from Tehran, thinks a law is needed. “No one can deny the services that animals provide to humans, but this area needs to be regulated“According to her, however, she wants to put a government bill on the agenda.”Pays special attention to biodiversity and wildlife“And”Deals with both animal and human rights“And should condemn that bill.”Focuses only on criminalization.