February 25, 2021

IRCTC Refunds Sans Cancel | Nagpur News

Nagpur: Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a division of Indian Railways, usually refunds canceled e-tickets online. But, in one case, it refunded the full ticket amount of passengers who did not cancel their tickets.
R. Raghav, a passenger living in Gokulpet, was shocked when he paid Rs 3,675 for online tickets to Nagpur-Karakpur and the return journey was canceled without canceling the tickets.
Raghav had booked two tickets on January 1 for the scheduled flight on January 22 on AC-2 (WL / 2) with PNR-8808177190. The return trip was on January 23 on AC-3 (confirmed) with PNR-6245413936.
Raghav booked tickets with his personal IRCTC ID and used his mother’s card to make payments and both transactions were successful. However, on January 4, Rs 3,675 for both tickets was credited to the same account they had booked.
“When I checked the PNR status of the two tickets, there was no change. I was amazed at how the full amount was credited without canceling these tickets. Now I am confused as to whether I should be allowed to travel or not,” Raghav asked.
Raghav foolishly sent an email to the IRCTC asking them to maintain the same status for booking both tickets. However, the IRCTC was silent on the status of the tickets and asked for a bank statement instead. Although it was a personal matter, Raghav complied.
IRCTC officials were not available for comment. But IRCTC officials have sent a message to Raghav that the bank report has been sent to the concerned department. “There is no information from IRCTC as the travel date is approaching,” Raghav said.
When Raghav contacted the Central Railway authorities here, they told him to lodge a complaint. “The question is the credibility of the IRCTC. This is not the first time this has happened. Last February, the railway had reserved the same berth for two passengers who were traveling with my mother R Sridevi. He had booked the confirmed ticket three months ago, ”he said.
Raghav told TOI, “Why should IRCTC ask for personal details like password, bank statement. Once such a complaint is received, it should verify the facts about their PNRs.”