January 19, 2022

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Israel, the UK blame Iran

Israel argued, Sunday1There is August, Bt “Source” There was Iran’s involvement in the deadly attack on an oil tanker by an Israeli billionaire in the Arabian Sea and the threat of retaliation to that country, following Tehran’s denial of any involvement in the affair.

For his part, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb also considered the attack “Led by Iran”. Solving this attack “Deliberate, Targeted and Illegal”, “The United Kingdom has called on Iran to immediately end its actions that endanger regional and international peace and security.”, The minister said in a tweet. The allegations, which were announced by US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen as Washington, were also leveled by the United States “Consult with governments in the region and beyond for an appropriate and immediate response.”

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Drone attack

Thursday, Tanker Mercer-StreetThe U.S. military says a drone strike in the Arabian Sea, owned by businessman and billionaire Eyal Ofer, has several ships in the area.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a group of British soldiers and a member of the crew of the security firm Umbrella, Romanian, and Zodiac Maritime, the owner of a London-based international shipwreck owned by Iyer Offer.

The Mercer-Street He traveled without cargo from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, when he was targeted, according to Zodiac Maritime, which operates the Japanese Liberian flag.

Israel on Friday blamed the Islamic State of Iran through Foreign Minister Yer Labyrinth “Terrorism, destruction and instability hurt all exporters”.

The head of Israeli diplomacy spoke by telephone with US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen from Saturday to Sunday, calling for action against Iran at the UN.

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Iran vehemently denies

Israel’s main rival Iran on Sunday denied any involvement in the affair: “Zionist rule [Israël] To stop [lancer] Such baseless allegations “, His diplomatic spokesman Chad Kadibzadeh told a news conference in Tehran. And add: Iran will not hesitate for a moment to defend its interests and its national security. “

In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett, who took over from Benjamin Netanyahu last month, responded systematically and directly to the Iranian denial. “I have heard that Iran is cowardly trying to escape responsibility in this matter, but it denies it. [toute implication]. So I can say for sure that Iran carried out this attack on the ship (…) There is evidence for this “, He said at his government’s weekly meeting.

“We expect the international community to make it clear that the Iranian regime has made a serious mistake. However, we know how to send a message to Iran in our own way.”Bennett said without further ado.

Trucks have been attacked before

Over the years, Israel and Iran have clashed, directly or indirectly, in Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Gaza Strip. But in recent months, the rivalry has spread at sea with the appearance of a mysterious sabotage and attacks.

On March 10, a cargo ship from the Iranian public shipping company IRISL, The Shaw. E.Court, Struck by an explosive device in the Mediterranean. Then Tehran said it “Everything says that there is an occupier regime in Jerusalem [Israël, dans la phraséologie officielle iranienne] Is behind this process “.

In April, Iran announced“A Merchant Ship” Iranian Chavis, Undamaged origin damaged in the Red Sea by eruption. The New York Times And then that statement Chavis Targeted by attack “Revenge” After the Israelis “Iran’s previous attacks on Israeli ships”.

For analysts, the conflict at sea, as part of a major rivalry over the Iranian nuclear issue, seeks to increase pressure on Tehran to secure a new deal in its favor, while the Hebrew government seeks to prevent it.

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Iranian officials have repeatedly accused Israel of sabotaging some of its uranium enrichment facilities and killing scientists involved in the development of the project.

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