January 22, 2022

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Italy introduces compulsory vaccine for people over 50 years of age

6:06 pm: None of the three synthetic antibody therapies work against Omigran

French health officials on Wednesday significantly restricted the range of anti-Govt treatment with synthetic antibodies, noting that some new omegranes have not been shown to be effective enough against the variant.

The Drugs Agency (ANSM) said in a statement that none of the three treatments available so far would be effective in treating the already reported covid disease if the infection is due to an omigran variant. With this variant the only thing that can be used is AstraZeneca Evesheld to prevent infection.

Until recently, three antibody therapies were approved against Covit in France: Rochey’s Ronabrew, Eli Lilly’s Pamlanivimab / ETCivimab combination, and more recently, Evsheld.

These treatments are targeted at specific types of patients:S people already suffering from severe forms, and those that prevent them from deteriorating The vaccine works poorly due to weakening of the immune system: people receiving alternative therapies, dialysis patients, transplant recipients, certain cancers or taking certain treatments.

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