December 8, 2021

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Jean-Yves Le Trian reacts to the return of former hostage Sophie Petron to her home

This Sunday, Jean-Yves Le Drian responded harshly to the return of Sophie Petron, a former hostage to Mali, last March, five months after her release.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has responded strongly to the return of former hostage Sophie Petron to Mali. Show Grand Jury RTL, LCI and Le Picaro This Sunday.

“Let her be there!”, Began the tenant of Kwai D’Orsay. “For months, even years, the secret forces, including the army, mobilized and rescued this woman from her hostage and brought her back. ‘I’m fine. I’m not able to leave,’ he thought bitterly.

“If she’s in Mali, let her be there!”, Said Jean-Yves Le Trian, without answering the question of whether France would intervene a second time at the new hostages event. “She says she’s fine, so I think she’s fine.”

Bitter reactions

Five months after his release in October 2020, the 76-year-old Franco-Swiss hostage returned to Malik in March 2021. When he was released in October 2020, the kidnapping in December 2016, who had led the child support organization for many years before him, revealed his desire to return.

Even then the return sparked controversy. Government spokesman Gabriel Atal called it “irresponsible,” while Aror Berge called the return “a disgrace to the French military.” On our antenna, Sebastien Cenu had told him: “No Frenchman deserves to die for such a buffoon”.

In early November, his son S├ębastien Chadaud-P├ętronin thus backed him on BFMTV, believing he had not decided to return to his executioners.

Jean Blunt BFMTV Reporter