January 22, 2022

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Joe Biden arrives in the US West to support the Governor of California

To redo his arguments on climate change and key public investment, Joe Biden made his first visit as US Western president on Monday, September 13, but very rarely, entered the political arena.

The main purpose of this trip: to support the governor of California, the Democratic stronghold he has not visited since his election, Gavin Newsom, faced a referendum, which, in principle, could lead to his loss of office.

Prior to that, Mr. Biden stopped Monday morning to visit a fire coordination center in the Republican state of Idaho. The number and intensity of fires in Western America has increased in recent years, increasing the length of the season.

“We cannot ignore the fact that this wildfire is triggered by climate change.”, Joe Biden said in his second stop in Northern California.

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“We need to think big”

Joe Biden flew over particularly ruined vast areas Flames of Calder fire, Has been burning continuously for two months. As of Monday morning, more than 13,000 firefighters were fighting on the ground against about fifteen large-scale wildfires in California alone.

The President can access $ 5,000 billion (approximately, 4,200 billion) by pursuing US plans to develop an article on his major investment plans, to protect the United States and to green the US economy.

“These are not red states [couleur des républicains] Or blue levels [couleur des démocrates]. These are fires, just fires ”, He pleaded in Sacramento.

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Mr Biden promised that the most severe and frequent extreme weather events caused by global warming would cost his country nearly $ 100 billion each year. “Every dollar invested in flexibility saves after six”.

“We have to think big, He insisted. When I think about climate change, I don’t think it will cost anything but we create high paying jobs. “

Contrary to these key cross-cutting issues, the president will acknowledge the Democratic boss’s habit during his visit in the evening, supporting the governor of California, during a last-minute campaign event in Los Angeles, south of Long Beach. Gavin Newsom really has to face that “Remember the poll” Arranged for Tuesday.

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Gavin NewSom supporters wave at Long Beach on September 21, 2021, with messages of support for the governor facing California flags and referendum as President Joe Biden arrives.

A referendum was taken seriously

This particular practice allows disgruntled voters to organize a referendum, with the exception of any election, in an attempt to overthrow the state boss. Eighteen years ago, a similar vote overthrew the then Democratic governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to seize California. A scene where Joe Biden doesn’t want to pay more than Gavin Newsom.

On paper, the former mayor of San Francisco, Mr. Newsom easily elected the governor in 2018, and his term will not end until next year, when there is not much risk in the state winning the Democrats. According to the site, which specializes in political polls Five thirty-eight, 55% of voters are expected to vote to complete his term.

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But Joe Biden’s last-minute reinforcement shows that the Democrats are taking the vote very seriously, realizing that a surprise discount is always possible, especially if the turnout is low.

Behind the referendum is a split between a Democratic voter who supports the progressive program beyond California and a conservative camp that is wary of Joe Biden’s anti-Govt actions and the intervention of public officials in any area. : Health, economy, education, habits or climate change.

Joe Biden will boost his big investment plans in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, before returning to Washington.

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