October 22, 2021

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Joe Biden says the Queen of England “remembers her mother.”

US President Joe Biden and Queen of England first meet – Arthur Edwards / Pool / AFP

There are compliments you may not know whether you should take them or not. Even in international geopolitics. So, after a respectful visit between this Sunday Queen of England And couple
Biden Around tea at Windsor Castle, the US president described the sovereignty as “very gracious” and added in his defense: “I do not think he will be insulted. She reminded my mother.”

Joe Biden visited the Queen, in the name of good American-British relations, above G7 He will visit the NATO summit on Monday.

Twelfth US President met

Apparently, the two political figures did not talk about the Queen’s qualities, but about other international powers: “We had a great conversation about Mr. Putin and Xi Jinping”, thus being able to leave the US presidency.

The social event still has its small code, because it was the Queen’s most important participation after the death of her husband, Prince Philip, in April. It is the twelfth President of the United States The queen met during her reign.

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