December 8, 2021

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Joe Biden was caught up in the heat of inflation

This is the largest increase since 1990. Joe Biden sees the rise of inflation in the United States, which undermines and obscures his argument for a president close to the concerns of the middle class. Its major investment projects, Whether they have already been voted on or are still under negotiation.

At the Port of Baltimore, the Democratic president planned on Wednesday to boast of his $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure investment, which was passed by Congress and to secure the $ 1.750 billion he wants to spend more on health, family policy and energy. Change. But as he speaks, in the context of cranes and containers, Joe Biden has no choice but to first address the first concern of Americans today: inflation. He acknowledged that consumer prices were “too high”. In October, they increased by 6.2% compared to October 2020, which, according to official figures, was unheard of for thirty years.

“Absolute priority”

“A lot of people are confused about the economy, and we all know why,” he said, referring to rising prices and supply problems in the United States: “We will try to see how we can deal with it.”

Gone is the reference to an event of “intermediate” inflation that has hitherto been part of the language of the White House. Henceforth, controlling inflation, especially at the pump, is an “absolute priority,” the president said in a statement Wednesday morning.

The occasional closure of factories associated with the Govt epidemic, congestion at ports due to a shortage of truckers and strong demand for imported goods have led to a significant increase in shipping costs for food, furniture, cars and transport in recent months. Energy and innumerable other substances. These costs, in part, are passed on to consumers, causing anxiety and dissatisfaction, which has helped lower Joe Biden’s confidence rating, which has dropped to 43%, according to the Five Thirty ‘site.

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“Everything is growing”

On Wednesday, Joe Biden sought to heal his image as president close to the concerns of the ordinary middle class, lamenting that “everything is rising, petrol like bread”. But the Democratic president promised that his enormous spending on bridges, roads, Internet networks or drinking water pipes would not trigger price increases. Moreover, he promised that it would “reduce inflationary pressures” rather than the enormous social costs of planning.

Joe Biden was unable for a long time to vote on his infrastructure plan by forceps in the House of Representatives on Friday. He also hoped the atmosphere would be more conducive to the law’s proclamation, which was scheduled for great fanfare at the White House on Monday.

The Democratic leader must now get another vote from Congress, this time $ 1.750 billion in social and environmental spending. Negotiations have already promised to be tough and the rise in inflation is further complicating the situation.


Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, the main opponent of this massive social and environmental project, responded quickly to the figures on Wednesday, promising that public spending would exacerbate the problem. “The threat posed by record inflation to the American people is not” intermediate “but rather getting worse,” he said on Twitter on Wednesday.

Republicans on the House Trade and Energy Committee felt that the United States was facing a “bidenflation” crisis. “Spending billions more on taxes and spending will only worsen the crisis facing Americans,” they tweeted.