December 8, 2021

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Kovit-19 – Ireland re-enforces curfew on bars and restaurants

Ireland will need bars, restaurants and nightclubs from Thursday to midnight, and the ruling party announced on Tuesday that it will expand the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine booster to fight the epidemic renaissance.

Although more than 90% of adults have been vaccinated against Govt-19, the number of infections continues to rise despite authorities planning three months in advance to remove most sanctions soon. Approach the peak of last January.

Through Twitter, Prime Minister Michael Martin’s party also noted that teleworking had been recommended again after last month’s gradually encouraging staff to return to office.

The situation is getting worse and worse before it gets betterMichael Martin told reporters ahead of a cabinet meeting to review the new regulations, after health officials warned of the risk of increased pressure in hospitals in the coming weeks.

While it is already necessary to access bars and nightclubs, sanitary passes are now required in theaters and theaters.

The government also plans to open a vaccine booster campaign for people between the ages of 50 and 60.

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