January 22, 2022

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Kovit – Omigran: Ears are attacked by new symptoms

Every day we learn more about the new Omicron variant. A mutant that presents its own symptoms that are different from other types. Here are some that can show in the ears.

The Govit-19 Has been a part of our lives for two years. In recent weeks, The Variation Omicron Invited himself to the banquet.

A variation was found South Africa Spread around the world at astounding speed. For good reason, this is what makes it so special: less severe but more contagious. Very contagious.

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Often but not officially

One Clumsy Conspires with the scientific community by its original character.

He is particularly “hidden” among Mouse More than a year until the end of 2021 for mutations in humans and a strong return.

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Also manifests through Symptoms Unusual, different from other types. Here, we are a close one Normal cold Doubled by Pains And Night sweats.

A new variant that scientists are discovering little by little. It put the finger on a new sign of attack Ears.


Doctor of Epidemiology at the University of California (UCSF). Says Chin-Hong. “Ear pain” Makes almost sense in the case of Omicron. Since the whole ENT circuit “Noisy”.

At Stanford University, researchers have shown their role “The virus can cause goiter symptoms in the inner ear”, According to the American TV channel abc7.

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Ear pain has also been reported in several testimonies collected by The Independent. Apparently a common symptom but it has not yet been officially listed Omigron.