December 8, 2021

Arunachal Front

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La Palma Volcano – Where did the lava dogs that need to be rescued by drone get caught?

The rescue operation for the dogs trapped inside the volcano of La Palma is ready … but the animals have disappeared from the radar of the company responsible for rescuing them by drone.

Authorities were unable to save any dogs from the volcanic eruption this Thursday from the Cumbre Wije volcano in La Palma, despite the importance of measures to rescue them.

There is particularly growing concern among the animal welfare organization, which believes that dogs should take refuge in places where the temperature is too low to escape this hellish division.

New spy planes will be held with heat cameras in order to find traces of missing dogs. Early morning flights when the temperature drops drastically in order to better identify possible animal movements.

Aerocomoras, the drone company responsible for the rescue, carried out the most robust tests of the rescue operation on Tuesday. Everything is ready to implement it. All you have to do is find the dogs that believe they are not subject to the intense heat emitted by volcanic eruptions.

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