April 18, 2021

Latest: India tests storage, distribution of vaccine program | World News

New Delhi: As India prepares to develop a vaccine program to prevent corona virus infection, India has tested its Govt-19 vaccine distribution system through a nationwide test.

Saturday’s training will include data input to the online site for monitoring vaccine distribution, cold storage testing and transport arrangements for vaccination.

The massive exercise comes a day after a government-appointed expert panel convened a meeting to review the applications of vaccine candidates, including pre-runner GoviShield, developed by AstroGeneca, a University of Oxford and UK-based drug maker.

The government plans to vaccinate 300 million people in the first phase of the vaccination program, which includes health and leading personnel, police and military troops and those with medical conditions over the age of 50.

India has confirmed more than 10.3 million corona virus cases, making it the second largest in the world. More than 149,000 people have died in India, followed by the United States (347,000) and Brazil (195,000).


Virus Release:

India plans to vaccinate 300 million people in the first phase, testing its corona virus vaccine distribution system With nationwide testing Of storage and distribution. Meanwhile, Tokyo’s government Yuriko Koike is urging the national government to declare a “state of emergency” to reduce the growing corona virus “in the name of life assessment”. Tokyo reported 1,337 cases daily on New Year’s Day, raising concerns ahead of the Olympics in July. In Italy, The elderly are violating the same pattern They need care and protection in the midst of epidemics and many are key workers.

California begins the new year with 585 corona virus deaths in a single day As infections increase And hospitals are gaining capacity. Texas Reported a record To be admitted to the hospital on the fifth day. There were 12,481 Govt-19 patients on New Year’s Day, up from 1,750 more than a week ago.


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Here is what happens:

TOKYO – Authorities in Tokyo and three neighboring provinces have called on the national government to declare a state of emergency to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

“In the name of valuing life, we made this request together,” Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike said after meeting with the ministers responsible for the corona virus operations on Saturday with the governors of Saitama, Siba and Canacawa.

The corona virus has recently increased in Japan, especially in urban areas. On New Year’s Day in Tokyo, 1,337 cases were reported daily.

There is interest in hosting the Olympics in July, with 11,000 Olympic athletes expected to enter Japan, as well as tens of thousands of officials and the media.

“Corona doesn’t know any calendar,” Koike says. “Hospitals are overcrowded, which affects everyone’s medical care.”

Japan has never been locked out, trying to deal with the need to keep the economy afloat with health risks. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka has come under fire for his alleged misconduct. There are more than 3,500 deaths related to the corona virus in Japan.


BERLIN – Germany-based travel operator TUI’s CEO predicts 2021 will be a “mostly normal summer” as more people are vaccinated against the corona virus.

TUI President Fritz Jussen was quoted in the Daily Rhine Post edition on Saturday as saying that the company’s market research “makes people very anxious to make good trips again after a difficult corona period”.

“We mostly expect a normal summer,” he said. However, he said the company would provide only 80% of the flights made in the years before the epidemic to “reach the optimal location”.

Corona virus infections, which re-emerge in the fall and winter, have largely halted tourism in Europe since national and regional restrictions on travel and hotel accommodation, with isolated requirements, were revived last summer.

Vaccinations began in Europe last month, but it is taking some time for the situation to make a significant impact.


SEOUL, South Korea – While confirming the first case of an infectious corona virus variant detected in South Africa, South Korea is extending strict distance rules for two more weeks as authorities seek to quell a virus outbreak.

Health Minister Kwan Diok-Seoul said on Saturday that the second-highest distance rules would be in effect in the Seoul region until January 17. Until then, he says, there will be a third-highest regulation in other areas.

These restrictions include restrictions on community gatherings of more than five individuals and personal religious services. Jan.


LONDON – The British government is facing a call to close all schools in the UK for at least two weeks as a result of an increase in corona virus cases following a sudden change in policy.

The call by the National Education Union, which represents more than 450,000 members working in schools, led to a change in Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, who said all schools for young students in London should be closed next week as the capital struggles with more epidemics.

Mary Boosted, the union’s co-chair, said the decision was “absolutely necessary” but slandered the government for planning to allow some schools to reopen in areas with new epidemics.

The UK is in the midst of a sharp spike in new corona virus cases, with many blaming a new virus variant that is said to be up to 70% contagious.


LOS ANGELES – California began the new year with 585 corona virus deaths in a single year.

The state Department of Public Health says more than 47,000 new confirmed cases have been reported, bringing the total to more than 2.29 million.

Hospitals in the state ended up “on the brink of disaster”, a health official said, adding that the epidemic had pushed deaths and illnesses to shocking levels and that some medical centers were being dug to provide oxygen to critically ill patients.

The government’s Gavin Newsom office announced Friday that California will begin collaborating with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate and improve outdated oxygen delivery systems at six Los Angeles area hospitals.

Because of the difficulty in maintaining oxygen pressure in the aging infrastructure in aging hospitals, some find it difficult to find additional oxygen tanks to take discharged patients home.

California became the third state this week to surpass 25,000 COVID-19 deaths since the outbreak.


AUSTIN, Texas – Texas set a new record Friday for the fifth day in a row for patients admitted to hospital with Covit-19 in the wake of a continuing outbreak of the corona virus following holiday meetings and trips.

Texas enrolled 12,481 COVID-19 patients in government hospitals on New Year’s Day, up from 1,750 more than a week earlier.

State health officials on Friday reported 12,369 new, confirmed virus cases and 3,658 cases.

According to the Texas State Department of Health Services, intensive care units were overcrowded or almost overcrowded in many parts of Texas.

As some Texans gather to celebrate the New Year, the number of austerity continues to rise, despite warnings from health officials that the church is likely to spread the virus further.


Carson City, Nev. – Nevada reported 2,315 additional COVID-19 cases reported Friday, and 21 more deaths from the corona virus.

The total number in the state has increased to 227,046 cases and 3,146 deaths since the outbreak began.

The seven-day rolling average of daily new cases and daily deaths in Nevada over the past two weeks is low. This is according to data from Johns Hopkins University and The Govt Tracking Program.

The number of infections is thought to be very high because many have not been tested, and studies show that people can become infected with the virus without becoming infected.


LONDON – Hospitals across the country are facing a dangerous situation for a few weeks amid new corona virus infections blamed on a new virus variant, British medical officials warn.

Concerns are growing about the potential of the already extended National Health Service to handle the expected increase in the number of people being treated for COVID-19.

Field hospitals built in the early days of the epidemic but later moth-eaten are being reactivated.

The UK director of the Royal College of Nursing says England are “in the eye of the storm”.

More than 55,280 new infections and 613 deaths were reported on Friday, beating Europe back to Italy as the most infected country.

The spike of new events is said to be due to a new, more contagious variant of the virus that was first identified in London and the southeast of the UK.