April 18, 2021

Launching the samosa into space causes it to crash in France

Of all the innovations that humanity has sent into space, a samosa is the introduction. But unfortunately, it did not last long and returned to Earth. Strange story, but something that actually happened.

An Indian restaurant based in the UK was able to successfully launch the samosa into space, which later landed in France. According to a news report, Sai Walla, one of the most popular and best ranked restaurants in Bath, has completed space travel in three attempts.

According to the news website UPI, Niraj Khader, the owner of the restaurant, said he wanted to spread a little excitement and came up with the idea of ​​sending a samosa into space. “I once joked that I would send a samosa into space, and then I thought we could use this as a reason to all laugh in these dark times,” he was quoted as saying.

Kather used helium balloons for Samosa’s spaceflight. It took three attempts to get it right. The first time the balloons slipped from his hands, the second time they were “not enough helium”. On the third attempt, they understood it correctly.

Katherine and her friends used a Cobro camera and GPS tracker to track the snack’s journey. However, shortly after its introduction, they noticed that the GPS was malfunctioning. When they decided that the plan had failed, the next day the GPS turned on again and revealed that the balloon had crashed in a field in Picardy, Case, France!

The UPI The report further states that the samosa and its wrapper were missing from the scene of the accident, which led Kather to believe it may have been consumed by French wildlife.

“The feedback was that it got a lot of laughter from the people and we really wanted to spread the joy,” Kather said. Somerset Live.

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