January 22, 2022

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Live – Decides on opening the vaccine for all children

How Europe is preparing for the “Omigron wave”

Control in the Netherlands, closures in Denmark, curfew in Ireland … European nations are taking up arms to counter the rising tide of the Omigron wave across the continent.

How are our neighbors preparing for this expected Govt-19 impact? The point in our article.

Vaccines: Jadot seeks to remove patents from macronutrients

Yannick Jadot later brought his comment to the World Health Organization: “I urge the President to raise the patent.” He explained: “Until the planet is vaccinated, we will be weak.”

“He does not want a world where pharmaceutical companies are profiteering,” he explained, adding that “only 4% of Africans have a full vaccination program.”

By not installing a CO2 sensor in the classroom, Jotot said, “Blanker was complicit with the virus.”

Referring to the condition of the schools, Yannick Jodot said very harsh words towards the Minister of National Education.

“Despite being talked about for a year, being a contributor to the virus by not installing a CO2 sensor in the classroom,” he lamented. He further reinforced his point: “Jean-Michel Blanquer is involved in the spread of the virus without installing these sensors”.

Government works on vaccine pas: Jadot condemns plan for “January” when the tide is “now”

Environmental candidate Yannick Jodot arrived this morning as a guest of Jean-Jacques Bordin. In January, when the government examined the issue of converting the Health Pass into a vaccine pass, it condemned the much-delayed plan.

“This is the text for the end of January but the tide is out now,” he said. “I call on the French to take all action now,” he continued. In terms of merit, he insisted, it was a “scientific” reference to “him.” , I will support the vaccine pass “.

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Alain Fischer: “The important thing is to avoid being admitted to an extra hospital”

As the morning guest of France Inter, Alain Fischer, chairman of the Orientation Council on Vaccine Strategy, stressed the manager’s new priorities with the dazzling appearance of the Omigron variant, which appears to be more contagious than its predecessors.

“The important thing is to avoid being admitted to an extra hospital,” he said.

White House health adviser warns that the Omigron variant is being “unleashed” and “taken” around the world

Leading American scientist Anthony Fossie, a White House adviser on the health crisis, warned Sunday that the Omigron variant of Covit-19 was “widespread” around the world, raising concerns about the number of Americans who have not yet been vaccinated.

“This virus is unusual,” Anthony Fossie told CNN, referring to the speed of its spread. “He’s going to get the upper hand”, and “the closer winter gets, the harder it will be for weeks or months.” The virus is “rampant around the world, in fact,” he told NBC.

Towards the 5th vaccine? The European regulator decides today

The European Comptroller and Auditor General of the United Kingdom on Monday issued a statement calling for the adoption of a vaccine against the vaccine, which uses more traditional technology than previously approved vaccines, which would reduce suspicion among those who have not been vaccinated, according to the U.S. agency.

The serum, which could become the fifth anti-govt vaccine approved in the European Union, is called the “subunit” vaccine, based on immunosuppressive proteins, similar to the already widely used childhood vaccines.

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The European Pharmaceuticals Agency (EMA)’s Committee on Medicinal Products for Human Use is holding an extraordinary meeting on Monday to examine the application for accreditation of NovaVox. Announced the decision.

HAS’s Comment on Vaccination of Children Expected Today

At 2pm this Monday, the High Health Commission will issue its opinion on the opening of the vaccine against Govt-19 to all children over the age of 5 years.

Vaccination of children at risk or living with immunosuppression began in France last week.

Positive test, he will spend Christmas in the video conference

A few days before the Christmas holidays, it’s a cold shower for those who test positive. This is the case with Benjamin, who suffered during dinner with friends so he could not join the family on New Year’s Eve.

“I think we can make a small plate of smoked salmon, a little foie gras, and a tiny little turkey per person, and then try to enjoy the evening anyway.” , He says.

>> Benjamin’s testimony can be found here

The administrator hopes the vaccine pass will be accepted by the end of January

Its spokesman Gabriel Attle said Sunday that the government hopes to implement the vaccine pass, which is required to replace the health pass, “immediately” by the end of January.

The bill to convert the Health Pass into a Vaccine Pass “must be firmly approved and announced by the end of January so it will come into effect immediately,” said Gabriel Attle of the LCI.

>> All the details are here

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