January 22, 2022

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Live – Govt-19: The number of cases in the United States is rising “vertically” says Dr. Fauci

Yazdan Yazdanpanah: Additional screening for children, “This is very useful”

A member of the Covid-19 Science Council, director of ANRS, stressed on BFMTV that it is “important” to check children regularly, while the new protocol for returning to school on Monday was released this Sunday with the ‘increasing importance’ of the number of tests.

“Of course PCR testing is more effective than self-examination (…) What we are looking for here is to find out whether a child is infected or not. There, the difference between self-examination and PCR is less significant,” he explained.

As a lot of the virus is expelled, the baby becomes infected. Both types of tests make it possible to diagnose.

“I think it’s a little less effective though [l’autotest]This application is very useful and we will repeat it again and again, ”concluded the ANRS Director.

According to Dr. Fassi, the number of Govt-19 cases in the United States has increased “vertically”

The increase in the number of Govt-19 cases in the United States follows an “almost vertical” curve, which is currently not being admitted to hospital, said Dr. Anthony Fassi, a White House senior adviser on the health crisis.

“We are in the middle of a very strong wave,” Dr. Fassi told ABC television, adding that the increase in “almost vertical” cases was “unprecedented”, with an average of nearly 400,000 new contaminants per day.

Jean Costex will bring together ten ministers this Monday to “share” the Omigron variant.

Mattignon has announced that Prime Minister Jean Costex will take on the “task” of the Omigron variant, bringing together ten ministers this Monday.

The meeting will, at our information, take place at 4 p.m. The context of the epidemic is driven by the Omigron variant and the appearance of the delta.

Ministers of Health Olivier Véran, Economy Bruno Le Maire, Interior Gérald Darmanin, Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, Labor Elisabeth Borne and Environmental Change Barbara Bombili are particularly in attendance.

Absence of teachers, meeting with parents of students: Blanker announces new restrictions before the start of the school year

In an interview Parisian, The Minister of National Education states that all reasons for the absence of teachers outside sick leave will be suspended.

He also announced that parent / teacher meetings will no longer be conducted face to face.

Jean-Michel Blanquer released the new health protocol before the start of the school year

The National Education Minister confirmed in an interview that he wants to strengthen the “communication-tracking” policy. Parisian, This Sunday.

“It goes through the multiplicity of trials and the involvement of families in this mechanism in terms of accountability,” he adds.

The protocol already in place remains the same. Once a class has been exposed to Govt, “all students should have an antigen test or PCR before reporting a negative result”. New: Families of each child will receive two free self-examinations at the pharmacy so that students can test themselves at home again in D + 2 and D + 4 “.

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Philip Zhouin “advises to put one [masque] FFP2 “

Philip Juin, emergency chief of Georges Pompeo Hospital, pleaded on his Twitter account in support of the FFP2 mask.

“The FFP2 mask filters and protects better than a surgical mask,” he said.

“I advise you to keep FFP2 indoors and out of traffic,” he concluded.

Yaël Braun-Pivet, LaREM head of the Legal Commission, wants the vaccine license to come into effect “as recently as January 15”.

Vaccine approval “recently until January 15”: This was announced by Yaël Braun-Pivet, chairman of the Legal Commission on Radio J LaREM. This new pass restricts non-vaccinated access to leisure activities, restaurants and public transport between bars and regions. .

“We have an epidemic situation which is really very serious and the government and the majority have decided to deal with it very quickly,” he added.

Laurem, chairman of the Legal Commission, insists that the vaccine pass allows “avoidance of curfew and curfew orders” Yaël Braun-Pivet

The vaccine pass will allow “very coercive measures to avoid” such as “targeted prisons” or “curfew law,” the law commission chairman Lorem Yale Brown-Bewett insisted Sunday before the bill could be passed. National Assembly.

Because, if it does not work, it is necessary to consider a number of mandatory measures, such as “compulsory vaccination”, “target detention”, “return to curfew order” or “new closures”, he warned.

By the end of 2021, the government will provide assistance to businesses in foreign regions

The government announced on Sunday that foreign companies that are most affected by the restrictions imposed to prevent a health crisis in November and December could benefit from the aid.

The activities of companies in the “protected sectors” listed on the S1 and S1 bis list, such as restaurants, travel agencies, and sports venues, were announced in a joint press release by the Ministers of Economy, Overseas Maritime and Ministers. Responsible Representative for Travel and SMEs.

Turnover loss for companies in protected sectors should be at least 65%.

Eric Seotti “calls for generalization of FFP2 masks”

Eric Ciotti, a leading Republican candidate and supporter of Valerie Beckress, on Sunday called for a “generalization of FFP2 masks” to “further protect” Covit-19 and denounce his lack of stake.

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He lamented the government’s “lack of anticipation” at Le Grand jury RTL / LCI /.Le Figaro: “We have no stocks today, production in France is down 90% (compared to the end of 2020, facing competition from Asia, Editor’s note)”.

“We’m going to get there, I bet, because this mask protects too much and other countries like Austria and Italy came there,” the Alps-Maritimes deputy added.

Lionel Messi has been confirmed to have a Covit-19 infection

The Parisian club announced this Sunday that four players, including Lionel Messi, are in favor of Corona, so he will not make the 16th round of the Coupe de France on Monday in the Vaughan.

Juan Bernard, Sergio Rico and Nathan Pitumasala are also positive for Kovit-19. All four players were held in solitary confinement.

Govit-19: Pelloux protects against wearing a mask outside, which is a “useful” measure

Upon hearing about wearing the mask outside, the emergency physician considered the move “effective.”

“You have to stand in a line and stand next to someone who is positive, the Omicron variant is very contagious and you can be vulnerable,” he defended the precautionary principle of “cheap, easy to implement and effective”.

Patrick Belloux: “We expect new variations in 2022”

While Oliver Veron is optimistic about the JDD’s columns, he estimates that “the fifth wave will probably be the last,” and emergency physician Patrick Belloux is cautious.

“Scientifically speaking, we should expect new variants in 2022,” he said on our antenna. “Because the speed of vaccination is not the same all over the world,” he added.

Govt-19: Emergency doctor Patrick Belloux told, “We are out of control”

Emergency physician Patrick Belloux, a guest on BFMTV this Sunday, warned that “we are not in control” of the “outbreak” of the Kovit-19 epidemic.

“Looking at the curves of the arrival of intensive care, it does not seem to move” but “those who return to intensive care are not vaccinated and there are risk factors”, assuming it is necessary and proving “academic”. “To promote the vaccine.

China welcomes reduction in Xian cases

Public health officials said on Sunday that the new Kovit-19 pollution had reached its lowest level in the past seven days in the Chinese city of Xian, which was limited to eleven days.

On Sunday, 122 new corona virus infections – its lowest level since December 25 – were recorded in this historic city in the north of the country, famous for China’s first emperor’s underground army, up from 174 the previous day.

He told China Central Television (CCTV) that the massive screening strategy and the controlled impact had resulted in “some positive changes”, according to Zhang Kanyu of the Chinese Disease Control Agency. According to the National Health Commission, 16 patients are in a “serious” condition.

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New pollutants in recent days have reached levels not seen in China since March 2020, compared to figures recorded elsewhere. The strict policy of “zero govt” has allowed China to limit its official record to less than 5,000 deaths. Epidemic, against more than 800,000 people in the United States.

Oliver Vernon confirms that there will be no health pass in the business

The company does not have a health pass. This is what Olivier Véran confirms this Sunday JDD. The idea of ​​an extended health pass for all companies was rejected after meetings between community partners and Labor Minister Elizabeth Bourne. This time, the Minister of Health and Integrity abandons the idea altogether.

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The fifth wave of Covit-19 in France will be “probably the last”

After Emmanuel Macron in his congratulatory message to the French on December 31 that he hopes 2022 will be the year to end the Govt-19 epidemic, Oliver Warren is showing cautious optimism this Sunday morning.

In columns of JDD, The health minister confirmed that “this fifth wave” of the corona virus caused by the Omigron and Delta strains will “probably be the last”.

Masks are mandatory for children from 6 years of age in some public places

The results were published in the official New Year’s Day issue on Saturday, January 1: In some public places, such as traffic, the obligation to wear a mask may be extended to children as young as 11 years old. The first new activity is this Monday, the start day of the school year.

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COVID-19: Isolation rules will be reduced from Monday if there is a complete vaccination schedule

Isolation rules for those who are positive for Covit-19 will be eased for those with a complete immunization schedule starting this Monday, who will have to isolate themselves for seven days, regardless of variation, and can be removed after five days. In the event of a negative antigen or PCR test, the government announced Sunday.

In addition, cases involving contact with a complete vaccination schedule will no longer be isolated, although Health Minister Oliver Vern explained that they must strictly respect prohibition gestures and perform “routine tests.”

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