January 19, 2022

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Avoid crowds to protect nature without encouraging the heartbeat of the economy: The Provence-Alps-C டிte d’Azur region, very popular among French and foreigners, wants to divert some visitors to lesser known sites to avoid the unbearable summer.

“We need to promote places other than the ones that are usually highlighted by tourist offices or the media; we have large areas, and we have other gems to discover,” said Pierre Navichet, head of the reception service, and one of the ten national parks in France, south of the Alps.

This year, customers expect the Provence-Alps C டிte d’Azur region with its Mediterranean coastline, its four national nature parks, nine regional parks from the Gomer Plain to the “Colorado Provenன்சal of L லberg”, and a large number of French languages. But foreign.

However, when launching the campaign for “more responsible tourism”, he hopes to avoid the cursed tryptic “more people, in one place, at the same time”, underlined by Fran சுற்றுலாois de Kenson, chairman of the regional tourism committee. At Raphael-less-Arles in the Alps.

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