January 19, 2022

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Lukashenko claims to have acted “legally” by standing in his position and confusing the plane

With due respect to the European countries trying to put pressure on the regime, the President of Belarus did not give up. A regular with accusations against Americans and Europeans, he accused his main ally Vladimir Putin of plotting to overthrow him and then attack Russia, saying he acted on Wednesday, May 26th. “Legally” By modifying a civilian aircraft over Minsk after a false bomb threat.

He dismissed the charge of hijacking the plane for the sole purpose of arresting an enemy on board. On arrival, Mr. Journalist Roman Protashevich, described by Lukashenko as a “terrorist,” was arrested, as was his Russian comrade Sofia Sabeka.

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“I acted legally and protected my people.”, During a speech to elected officials and other senior government officials, according to the Belarusian President, the state agency Belda. “It simply came to our notice then [de dire] The plane was forced to land on a MiG-29., he said, “The purpose of the warplane is to establish communications and to land a passenger plane in an emergency.”.

Earlier this week, Minsk defended itself against a bomb threat in an email claiming it was from the Palestinian organization Hamas, claiming that the modification of the aircraft was legal. These explanations were judged by German Chancellor Angela Merkel “No credibility”.

In contrast, Moscow “There is no reason not to believe the statements of the Belarusian leaders.”Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday. The latter also announced that President Vladimir Putin and Mr Lukashenko would meet in the Russian city of Sochi on Friday.

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“A Modern Hybrid War”

Alexander Lukashenko also condemned Wednesday “Attacks” Crossing “Red lines” In response to the international outcry over the diversion of the aircraft to Minsk. “ Our enemies at home and abroad have changed the way they attack our state. They have crossed numerous red lines beyond the boundaries of human understanding and morality. ”, He said, according to Felda.

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“They went from organizing riots to strangulation.”He condemned in an explicit reference to the 2020 opposition movement, noting that it was due to the Western-led opposition. He made a denunciation “Modern Hybrid War” Against his country, this one “Experimental Theater to the East”.

The European Union adopted it on Monday evening First sanctions against Belarus, Closing its airspace to aircraft belonging to that country and recommending all airlines to avoid Belarusian skies. Very follow up call.

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Diplomatic sources told AFP that the UN Security Council would hold an emergency closed-door informal meeting on Wednesday over the issue. The ambassadors said France, Ireland and Estonia had requested the session to be virtual.

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