January 19, 2022

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Macron condemns the “rise of liberalism” in some European countries

The Republican president questioned the decision of the European Council in Brussels this Friday and supported the European Commission’s legal action against Hungary over a law that would be considered homosexual. Nevertheless, he considered it “not a problem for Victor Orban”.

Liberal slide in some post-communist societies must decide “we Europeans must ask ourselves” and “how to fight,” Emmanuel Macron said Friday, a Hungarian law recognizing homosexuality, while recognizing the difficulty for Europe to respond quickly.

Participants say the controversial Hungarian law sparked an unusually heated debate at the Twenty-seventh Summit in Brussels. The law has led 17 member states, including France and Germany, to challenge EU leaders in a letter on the need to uphold European values.

Not deported from country to country

With the exception of any exemption or financial sanction measures against Hungary, the French president told a news conference that the only short-term response was to “support the practice initiated by the European Commission, albeit slowly, to strengthen our position”. Public opinion and the media “.

According to him, this question of values ​​is “existential, principled” for Europe.

“What credibility do we have if we accept that these values ​​are undervalued among us? How can we say to Albanians, Serbs, ‘make efforts for the rule of law’ to enter the EU?”

“This is not a Victor Urban issue”

“There is an upsurge of liberalization in post-communist societies,” which “undermines the very fabric of the heart of Western liberal democracies,” he feared, being inspired by Russian models or the Chinese. “This is a profound trend of these companies, not just a few leaders, but a leader who is very easy to point out. We need to think about how these people will get there.”

“This is not an issue Victor Orban (Hungarian Prime Minister, author’s note), it is not true,” he continued, “to be hard with leaders, to have confidence with the people”.

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“We need to start working again with intellectuals from civil society, be more in the press in these countries, provide better support to those who defend European views, and we need a strategy in this area,” he pleaded. “We need an in-depth discussion, which is something that needs to be addressed at a conference on the future of Europe,” he said.

Hungarian law challenged by the European Union states that “pornography and content that refers to sexuality or promotes the exclusion of gender identity, sexual restitution and homosexuality should not be accessed by persons under 18 years of age.”