January 22, 2022

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More than 5,000 people have been arrested since the riots began

The country was rocked this week by an unprecedented uprising since independence in 1989.

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Authorities are trying to contain the unrest in Kazakhstan. More than 5,000 have been arrested The largest country in Central AsiaLocal media reported the news on Sunday (January 9), citing officials. “Today, the situation is stable in all parts of the country.”, Said Interior Minister Erlan Durgumbayev Anti-terrorism operation continues to restore order in the country.

Kazakhstan, with a population of about 19 million, rich in hydrocarbons, has been rocked by unprecedented riots this week since independence in 1989, which has killed dozens. A total of 5,135 people have been arrested in the framework of 125 separate investigations, the home ministry said.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Sunday, January 3, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

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