December 8, 2021

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Mr. about the Algerian nation. Mr Macron’s comments were “very serious.” DePhone considers.

Algerian President Abdelmadjit Debon ruled “Very serious”, In an interview Spiegel Published Friday, November 5, Emmanuel Macron’s comments questioning the existence of the Algerian nation before French colonialism. “We have not touched the history of a people, we have not insulted the Algerians.”, Referring to a question raised by the President of France. Dephone said – “Was Algeria a pre-French colony? “- During an exchange with the youth of the memory groups associated with the Algerian war on September 30 at the Elysee Palace.

This cold has been very intense for fifteen years between the two countries

Mr. Informed by Macron’s words The world It provoked an open crisis between France and Algeria, which immediately recalled its ambassador, who was stationed in Paris, and banned French planes from flying over Algerian airspace as part of the “Barclays” operation in Sahel. This cold snap, the most intense in fifteen years between the two countries, preceded a series of controversies determined by Algiers as the issue of visas, the memory of the Algerian war, economic agreements and the ‘French policy on Western Sahara’. Pro-Moroccan.

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In Mr. Interview with Debown Spiegel, Made in Algiers on October 26th, Mr. Macron’s comments reveal the extent to which they will leave lasting traces in relations between the two countries and endanger short-term relations again. “I am not going to take action first, otherwise I will lose all Algerians,” the Algerian president promised the German weekly. ” This is a national problem, not a Republican problem, He added. No Algerian would accept my continued contact with those who created these insults. “ “Mr. Macron has hurt the dignity of Algerians, He noted. Before the arrival of the French we were not a people subject to the human race, not a nomadic tribe. ” At the same time Spiegel He was asked if there was a possibility of a bilateral crisis “Finished soon”, The Algerian president replied: “No.”

“For election reasons”

Mr. DePhone considered those to be the words of his French counterpart “Part of Old Colonial Hatred”, Even if he admits it “Mr. Macron is far removed from colonial hatred.”. “Why did he say that?” “, Before he could answer himself: He said so for electoral reasons. “ “He has long used the same speech as journalist and writer Eric Zemor.”, I.e. “France made Algeria a nation, not a nation”. “Unfortunately, Mr. Macron sided with those who justified colonialism by saying so. “

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