April 18, 2021

Mumbai: A court has ordered the father of an accused to deposit Rs 5 lakh for failing to produce a tempo used in a crime.

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December 19, 2020 1:46:59 AM

Ramzar was granted bail for failing to appear in court. (Representative)

A session court on Friday ordered the father of the accused in the double murder case of artist Hema Upadhyay and his lawyer Harish Pambani to deposit Rs 5 lakh. Crime.

Additional Sessions Judge of the Dindoshi Sessions Court, S.S., ordered that the compensation deed of Ramdar Rajpar be confiscated and an amount of Rs. Osa issued the order, otherwise the regime would issue a warrant to recover it.

The court also issued a search warrant for the tempo, which is considered an important piece of evidence by the police and noted that the costs of its production should be adjusted from the amount recovered from Ramadan.

Ramzar was granted bail for failing to appear in court.

Ramathar, the father of the accused Vijay Rajpar, had filed an application in 2016 seeking custody of his son Vijay’s tempo – allegedly used by the accused to dispose of the bodies after the murder. The court had allowed Rambatar to keep Tempo in custody after paying a compensation bond of Rs 5 lakh. It also advised him not to sell it as it was part of the evidence. Ramadhar had told the court in October that his family member had sold the vehicle.

On Tuesday, Ramathar filed a petition alleging that his son Rajbar was falsely involved in the case and that the terms of the order to return the vehicle to him had not been explained and therefore he was not aware of the consequences of not producing it. He submitted that a family member had sold it due to poverty and urged the court to be lenient considering the same.

However, the investigating agency denied his allegations and submitted that it was not bound by the terms of the Ramadan order by selling the tempo. The court gave him one last chance to present the tempo used for the crime.

The two bodies were found on December 12, 2015 at a Nulla in Kandywali. Mumbai police have arrested four people, including Hema’s husband, artist Sindhan Upadhyay. Metal fabrication artist Vidyadhar Rajpar, another accused by the police of carrying out the killings on Chintan’s orders, is still at large.

Police said there was a civil dispute between Chintan and Hema behind the killings. Chintan maintained that the police did not have legally admissible evidence and circumstantial evidence, such as entries in his personal diary, against him to prove his guilt.

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