December 8, 2021

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Mysterious disappearance of dogs surrounded by volcanoes

Posted on Saturday 23 October 2021 at 09:59

A giant drone is supposed to save them, but four dogs trapped by volcanoes on the island of La Palma attract Spain and mysteriously disappear without knowing who was able to save them.

Has evaporated. These slender hounds, whose images have been widely circulated on the Internet and have been blocked for weeks inside a kind of enclosure surrounded by volcanic mats from the Gumbre Viza volcano in the city of Dodok are meant for all attention.

After calls from the Population and Animal Welfare Associations, a rescue operation was prepared for several days by Aerokamaros, which received the green light from the authorities to evacuate the requests with a giant drone weighing 50 kg. The web

But one of its drones discovered Thursday that the dogs were not there. Aerocomoras decided on Friday to end its operations and return its fleet to Galicia (northwestern Spain).

“After conducting espionage operations covering the entire security perimeter where the dogs are located, we can say that our drones have not detected any trace of the animal,” Aerocomoras tweeted.

On Thursday, the company noted that it had found “traces of persons entering the zone.”

Who could have saved these dogs?

An anonymous video, posted on social media, shows aerial images of the area and the empty enclosure, as well as extending a white stripe over one of the lower walls surrounding the site, announcing “Courage La Palma. The dogs are fine.” News signed by “All Risk Agent” about the 1980s American television series.

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While some provoke the gestures of animal rights activists, others, the Animal Aid Association, announced in early October about isolated and hungry dogs, thinking about the dog owner’s (s) relatives.

Police and local authorities could not confirm this information, nor did they specify whether an investigation was open.

The case continued on Friday to cause a stir on social media. The Association has received donations of over ,000 15,000 after opening an online kitty for dogs.

The eruption of Gumbre Viza, which began on September 19, did not cause any deaths but caused extensive damage: the lava covered 886 hectares and destroyed 2,122 buildings, including hundreds of homes.