January 22, 2022

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Omigran variant – one, two or three dose vaccine, already contaminated or unvaccinated: What are the risks of taking Covit-19 according to your vaccination schedule?

While the vaccine prevents severe forms of goiter, it does not prevent the virus from catching and spreading. The Robert Koch Institute (Germany) has re-evaluated the risk of infection for everyone with the advent of the Omicron variant.

The Variation Omicron changes the situation. Qualified “Very annoying” WHO and considered Very contagious, New variant fromSouth Africa Takes place in Europe. Although it is less dangerous, the speed of its spread is worrying.

Why, when it is considered to cause less severe or benign forms of Govit disease, is Omigran the center of attention? Well, because of the law of numbers. In fact, The 5th wave Mainly provided Variation Delta – France is currently passing – is already breaking records Contaminants In the country (approximately 53,000 cases in 7 days on average). With some Hospitals Increasing (15,918) and in particular Important care combinations (3025) reached unseen level since May. Significant number, but relatively low compared to pollution records. Since there is a vaccine to prevent severe forms, here is the proof that it works.

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New activities in Germany?

This is where The Variation Omicron Falls at full speed. If it causes mild forms of the disease, it spreads very fast. And considering the number of pollutants it causes, it can send more people to the hospital (less than a percentage, but more than the absolute value) and clog the health system. Hence the importance of vaccination. Hence, new regulatory measures across Europe.

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As a result, some countries changed their minds about the visit Variation Omicron. This is the case Germany Authorities will meet Tuesday to decide whether or not to take new braking measures. The Robert Koch Institute, an authority in the health sector across the Rhine, has reassessed the risk of infection for each individual according to the vaccine status against Omigran.

Thus, the general risk of infection for the German population is determined “very high”.

– Danger “very high” For those who have not been vaccinated.

– Danger “Raised” For those who have been cured and vaccinated with basic immunization (2 dose).

– Danger “Moderate” For those who have been vaccinated with a booster.

RKI risk assessment due to occurrence and rapid spread # Omigron Updated.
The risk to people in ud83c udde9 ud83c uddea is overestimated. There may be a sudden increase in the number of cases and a rapid delivery load.
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– Robert Koch-Institute (rki_de) December 20, 2021

The risk of infection to groups of people is estimated as follows:
– Too much for those who have not been vaccinated
– Basic immunization for the cured and vaccinated (2x vaccine)
– Moderate (3x vaccine) for persons vaccinated with booster vaccine# Vaccine protection

– Robert Koch-Institute (rki_de) December 20, 2021