January 19, 2022

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Opposition leader Yur Lapit says he has a coalition to form the government

Israeli opposition leader Jair Lapid called President Riovan Rivlin on Wednesday evening (June 2) and told him he had mobilized the support needed to form a unity government, his officials said. Opponents of outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have thus succeeded in intensifying the deal on a coalition government in an unprecedented way.

Presenting the final list, the centurion stayed until 11:59 pm (10:59 pm KST) to achieve his goal of ending the twelve years of the Netanyahu era. He made the announcement after joining right-wing parties and the United Arab Emirates (RAAM in Hebrew). Led by Islamic Mansour Abbas, the Ram Party on Wednesday evening called on Mr. The coalition against Netanyahu formalized its support for the plan, thus removing one of the last obstacles to forming a government.

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“In the service of all the citizens of Israel”

A photo provided by the United Arab Emirates Ram on June 2, 2021, shows Ram Mansour Abbas, leader of the Arab-Israeli Islamic Conservative Party, signing a coalition agreement with Israeli opposition leader Jair Lapid (left) and a right-wing nationalist.  Naphtali Bennett, a technology millionaire in Ramadhan, near the coastal city of Tel Aviv.

His group released a picture of a coalition agreement signed by the leaders of eight Israeli parties – two on the left, two on the center, three on the right and one Arab – marking a turning point in Israel’s political history. The last one supported by an Israeli Arab party – but did not participate in it – a government begins in 1992 “Peace Government” Presented by Yitzhak Robin.

“This government will be in the service of all Israeli citizens, including those who are not members of it, will respect those who oppose it, and will do everything in its power to unite the different elements of Israeli society.”According to the report, Lobid told President Rivlin. And added on his Facebook page: “I won”, According to the formula consecrated in the Hebrew language.

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Status of the conflict with the Palestinians, economic recovery, the place of religion: Mr. who came to power twenty-five years ago. With the exception of his desire to overthrow Netanyahu, everything on paper splits the Modley coalition, which was re-appointed from 1996 to 1999, then in 2009, and charged with corruption.

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Seven days to distribute portfolios

The opposition leader and his allies now have seven days to split portfolios and seek a no-confidence vote from the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. But despite this improvement, in two years Mr. The first coalition agreement formed without Netanyahu, nothing is possible yet.

Supporters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gather on June 2, 2021 in the coastal city of Tel Aviv.

Mr. Netanyahu, his party, Likud (right) and his lawyers are trying to prevent a deal from being approved by parliament. According to the Israeli press, Nazarene leader Yariv Levine (Likud) is optimistic that the Netanyahu opposition camp will be dragged out of the referendum for a few more days in the midst of these shortcomings.

Calendar Opportunity: Wednesday If the Israelis did not have a government yet, they would have a new elected president, Israel’s Eleventh. Labor Isaac Herzog, 60, was elected by an overwhelming majority to the full parliament, which on this basis lacks coercive function and executive power.

Mr. Talks around the laptop have been dragged out Naphtali Bennett decided on Monday to join the anti-Netanyahu camp. Mr Bennett should be prime minister in a planned power cycle in a coalition plan to end the longest political crisis in the country’s history.

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