January 19, 2022

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Origin of the Infection: The “leak” path from a laboratory in Wuhan was resumed

Although he dismissed it in his report submitted to the WHO, Dr. Peter Embreck is now more convinced of the origin of the Govt-19 epidemic. According to him, the corona virus at the onset of the infection would have escaped in December 2019 when it moved to a lab.

The WHO Commission of Inquiry into the origins of the corona virus that caused the Govt-19 infection was headed by Danish scientist Dr. Peter Embrek last winter. In his statement, Dane noted in a televised interview in his country that if the route of transmission is mostly animal, Independent.

If Dane admits there is no evidence, he explained that the virus may have been carried “by a laboratory staff during a sample in the field”. “Patient Zero is an employee who suffered when he was transferred to a lab from Wuhan in December 2019,” he added.

For Embarek, the Wuhan Fish Market, the first bunch of infections officially announced, is a few hundred meters away from the Wuhan Disease Prevention and Control Center. The center is located a few kilometers from the false laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where scientists reportedly conducted experiments on bats and studied bat-based corona viruses such as Govit-19 before the outbreak began.

A “disturbing” action

The Danish-led WHO team visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Center for Prevention and Control of Disease Control but was not allowed to view laboratory documents or books.

And the Danish scientist pointing the finger at a chaotic element. “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention moved 100 meters from the fish market in December 2019. The lab moved on December 2, 2019. It’s time to start it all, you know what, move a lab when it’s confusing.”

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When moving, “you have to move the virus collection, sample collection and other collections from one place to another. This whole process is always a disruptive element in the daily work flow of the lab, so sometimes it’s interesting to see what time it is and that lab.”

The lab is very close to Union Hospital, which moved in December 2019, where “the first group of physicians were affected during this epidemic”.

For months, the lab kept the theory line of a virus leak, but there was no evidence, including foreign secret services, to confirm it. The hypotheses put forward by Dr. Emparek will certainly revive this theory.