January 19, 2022

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Pasta makers warn of wheat shortage

Heat in Canada and floods in Europe have reduced wheat production this year. The industry is now calling for an “emergency plan” to deal with it.

French pasta makers on Monday warned of an impending shortage of wheat due to climate problems in Canada and Europe, calling on governments to help.

“Climate change poses a risk to the pasta market,” Siffoff (Pasta’s industrial manufacturers’ union) and CFSI (French group for industrial semolina) warned in a joint statement Monday evening.

In question, they pointed out that “the heaviest rainfall in Europe and the unprecedented drought in Canada”, “leads to a shortage of wheat, the raw material for pasta, and a historic rise in world prices”.

Heat Dome in Canada

Canada, which was hit by an exceptionally severe heat wave this summer, is the leading producer of durum wheat, which alone accounts for two-thirds of world trade.

The “heat dome” that affected the country is expected to yield “less than 4.2 million tons (…), 32% lower than the five-year average and nearly 30% lower than the July forecast of 20.” Reported in the press release.

Industrial greens and semolina are concerned that “historically low stocks will not be able to supply the stored hard wheat to the world market.”

There is not enough harvest in Europe

Added to this is the “sufficient harvest of 7.3 million tons in Europe to meet the demand of 9.5 million tons”, they say, as the heavy rains that hit France during flowering and harvesting “greatly reduced the usability of French barley wheat for making pasta”.

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Since mid-July, “Global reference price for hard wheat Subject to a historic increase of more than 30% in a few weeks, According to the producers, this will increase even more strongly when Canada concludes the harvest and ensures a shortage of durum wheat.

In this context, they are asking the public authorities to put in place an “emergency plan” to ensure the supply of French wheat and to ensure that distributors receive “selling prices at the price of wheat”. Through this exceptional crisis. “