January 22, 2022

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Person abducted from South Korea to North Korea

He was identified by surveillance equipment in the “militarized zone” on Saturday, but was not identified. It is very rare to cross the border in this direction.

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This is a very rare fact. An unidentified man entered North Korea by land from the south on New Year’s Day, crossing the ultra-strong border that has divided the two countries since 1953. The South Korean military announced Sunday, January 2nd.

It was discovered Saturday by surveillance equipment in the “militarized zone” that separates the Korean Peninsula at 9:20 pm local time, the South Korean Coalition of Staff said. “It has been confirmed that the man crossed the military border line to the north.”, Adds to the message.

A group official said the man had not yet been identified and that South Korean authorities had sent a message to the Northern Province about the incident. Search operations by the military are also futile. The report further stated that no extraordinary action was taken on the part of the North Korean military.

In the decades following the Korean War (1950-1953), oppression and poverty in North Korea led to more than 30,000 people fleeing to the south, but it is very rare to cross in any other direction.

In 2020, North Korean troops shot and burned the body of a South Korean fisheries officer who had crossed the maritime border illegally, Pyongyang said.

The majority of North Koreans are first fleeing, usually heading to China via another country before heading south. Only a few have dared to cross the “militarized zone” of landmines and barricades, and the military presence on both sides is massive.

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