January 22, 2022

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Poor countries deny 100 million doses of vaccine near expiration date

As part of the Kovacs system, countries concerned are asking for vaccines that can be stored for a long time.

Poor countries last month refused to receive 100 million doses of the COV-19 vaccine because their expiration date is approaching, the United Nations said on Thursday. The World Health Organization has repeatedly accused rich countries of hoarding vaccines and providing short-lived drugs only to poorer countries. A “moral insult”, condemns the WHO.

At the end of December, Nigeria burned more than a million AstraZeneca vaccine donated a few months ago, but its expiration date was approaching and expired.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which plays a key role in the international Kovacs mechanism as a major logistics partner for the distribution of vaccines in backward countries, the latter are now refusing to accept the expiration date.

15 million doses were all refused

Etleva Kadilli, director of UNICEF’s distribution division, told the European Parliament’s Development Committee on Thursday that these countries needed sufficient storage quantities to better plan vaccination campaigns and vaccinate “difficult people”. – Achieve areas and vulnerabilities. “One-third of the doses provided by Covax were donated by European countries.

In October and November, 15 million doses given by the EU were rejected by poor countries. About 75% of them are astrogenic vaccines, with an expiration date of less than ten weeks after the vaccine reaches its target.

The international mechanism for equivalent access to the Covax vaccine is preparing to distribute its billions in doses in the coming days. More than 9.4 billion vaccines have been distributed worldwide, WHO President Tetros Adanom Caprese said during a meeting of the Govt-19 emergency committee on Thursday. But 90 countries have not yet reached the 40% vaccination target set by the end of 2021, and “more than 85% of Africa’s population, or about one billion people, have not yet received a single dose of the vaccine,” he said. . “

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