January 19, 2022

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Prime Minister Abi Ahmed is at the forefront of the fight against the rebels

He announced on Monday that he was going to the war front in person Immigrant to Ethiopia. According to state media Fanaa Broadcasting Corporate, Wednesday, November 24, the Prime Minister Ethiopian, Abi Ahmed “Rule the battlefield from yesterday” And “Now launches counter-attack” Tigre leaves Deputy Prime Minister Demek McConaughe to rule against militants in the region “Current Events” In Addis Ababa.

Mr. Fana. Because Abby’s pictures were not aired on the ground, he could not know exactly where this former Army radio operator, who had become a lieutenant colonel, was. Nobel Peace Prize 2019.

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It was initiated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres “Emergency Call” A “Immediate and unconditional ceasefire to save” The country was marked by the threat of famine after more than a year of conflict. “There is no military solution to the conflict in Ethiopia”, Hammer, Wednesday evening, US State Department spokesman urges parties “Stay away from all annoying and fighting rhetoric” And “Show control”.

Addis returned from a new mission in Ababa, U.S. Ambassador to the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feldman said Tuesday. “Birth Progress” Aimed at finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict. But he warned “Climbing” Military danger makes them useless.

Recruitment for the “Survival Campaign”

Hundreds of new Ethiopian military recruits attended a ceremony in Addis Ababa on November 24, 2021.

The war in Tigris began in November 2020, Mr. Abi sent the federal army there to dismiss the officers., From the Tigre Liberation Front (TPLF), challenged his authority and accused him of attacking military bases. Mr. Abi announced the victory three weeks later, after capturing the regional capital, McClellan. But in June, the DPLF recaptured much of Tigray and continued its offensive in neighboring Amhara and Afar. This week, the TPLF said it was controlling the Sheva robot, 220 km northeast of Addis Ababa.

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On Wednesday, hundreds of new military recruits, Mr. Powered by Blogger “Join the Survival Campaign” According to Fana, Addis attended a ceremony in Ababa. “I was surprised to hear that” The prime minister wanted to join the soldiers on the ground, Tesfe Shereba, a 42-year-old driver, told Agency France-Presse (AFP). I cried when he said, “If a leader leaves his throne, it is to save his country. His ambition is not to live, but to save the country.” Follow me And went to the front row. “

Among those who pledged to fight was marathoner and Olympic medalist Faiza Lilesa, who represented the progress of the rebels. “The best opportunity” To defend the country. “If a country is humiliated, I can not stay away”, He is another official media outlet Ethiopian BC.

At the 2016 Rio Games, Mr. Faiza crossed the finish line of the marathon with his arms raised and crossed and made headlines. – The gesture of solidarity with its Oromo people, the protests against its power, which then took place for a long time in the hands of the TPLF, were under severe repression.

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Large-scale population displacement

The government continues to claim that the TPLF’s progress has been exaggerated, denouncing sensational media coverage and security recommendations that embassies are wary of.

The United Nations on Wednesday expressed concern over reports of large-scale displacement of people in West Degree, where Washington has already warned of ethnic cleansing. The Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees said the operations would be carried out from the area bordering Sudan and Eritrea. Zonal officials in Tigray reported 8,000 new arrivals, which could be as high as 20,000, but could not immediately confirm these figures.

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London called on its compatriots to leave on Wednesday “At the same time” Ethiopia, Report a “Decline” Quicken the situation. France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the United States have made similar calls. Washington, London and the European Union have also withdrawn their non-essential staff, while the UN The families of his international staff will be evacuated by Thursday.

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