December 8, 2021

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Putin called the Washington and NATO exercises in the Black Sea a “tough challenge.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the military exercises conducted by Washington and NATO in the Black Sea.Serious challengeAs for Russia, in an interview aired on Saturday. “The United States and its NATO allies have been conducting unplanned exercises in the Black Sea. Not only with the most powerful naval team, but also with aviation, including strategic aviation. This is a serious challenge for us, The Russian president announced in an interview with accessible Russian television on the Kremlin site.

The Russian president appeared to be referring to the training of several US warships in the Black Sea, Moscow said this week.See“Vladimir Putin, the Russian Defense Ministry.”A proposal to conduct their own unplanned exercises in the same water, but I think this is not appropriate and does not need to aggravate the situation.

The Black Sea has become an important destination for relations between Moscow and the West, especially since Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula located on this water in 2014. Many NATO members – Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania – are on the Black Sea border, where the Western military alliance regularly conducts exercises and patrols.

Deployment of Russian troops near Ukraine

The Russian president’s statements come as Washington expressed concern this week about the deployment of Russian troops near Ukraine and warned of an invasion of Moscow. “We are very concerned about the movement of some unusual troops that we see on the borders of UkraineU.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said Friday. “If Russia repeats what it did in 2014, it will make a big mistakeHe warned that Russia had annexed the Ukrainian peninsula to Crimea seven years ago.

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Pentagon invites Russia “Be clear about their intentions“, Referring to the Russian military operation near the Ukrainian border”Unusual“Because”Cut“And”SizeThe European Union (EU) on Friday expressed concern over Russia’s military action, saying “27 EU member states are in talks with the United States and the United Kingdom.”

Putin, for his part, accused Ukraine of using Turkish-made drones against pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, which had been criticized by Paris and Berlin. “Looks like we can’t reduce our security“Putin said,”Let them know that we will not reduce our security“Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Ukraine has been at loggerheads with pro-Russian separatists in its eastern part. More than 13,000 people have been killed in the conflict.