April 18, 2021

Recent: India confirm UK variation on 6 recently returned

New Delhi: India has identified six people who have returned from the United Kingdom in recent weeks affected by a new variant of the corona virus.

All six ministers have been isolated and their fellow passengers are being monitored, the health ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. Close contacts of affected patients were also placed under isolation.

India previously suspended flights to the UK and the UK until the end of this year, indicating that the new variant is “spreading and growing rapidly”.

India reported a total of 16,432 new viruses on Tuesday, bringing the total to 10.22 million infections and 148,153 deaths. India is expected to launch a vaccination campaign for about 300 million people early next month.


Virus Release:

– Bill Trump signs bill, $ 900 billion in COVID-19 aid, $ 1.4 trillion in re-enactment and other unfinished laws

– House overwhelmingly votes to raise COVID-19 relief checks to $ 2,000 to meet Trump’s request, but Senate decision uncertain

– ‘Rise on the Rise’ fills hospitals with extensive viral controls in California

– The 5th candidate reaches the final stage of testing in the United States, which is an important step in obtaining enough vaccines to protect the world.

– Mexico may allow private companies to buy and distribute vaccines after questions have been raised about centralized control

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Here is what happens:

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority has extended the ban on passenger flights from the UK by a week in a bid to stem the spread of a new variant of the corona virus.

The ban was imposed last week after European and other countries suspended flights from the UK due to a new and highly contagious variant of the corona virus in the UK.

In a statement, the Civil Aviation Authority said the ban on passenger flights from the UK would remain in place until January 4.

Under a government order, Pakistanis who went to Britain are allowed to return to the country if their COVID-19 tests are negative.

On Tuesday, Pakistan reported newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and 63 deaths in the last 24 hours.

There have been 9,992 deaths in 475,085 COVID-19 cases since February, when the country was first infected.


SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea says another 40 corona virus patients have died in the past 24 hours, the highest daily number since the outbreak.

Authorities also reported 1,046 new confirmed corona virus infections on Tuesday, taking the total number of cases to 58,725, killing 859 people.

South Korea’s previous daily highs of COVID – 19 deaths were 24, reported on both December 21 and December 22.

According to some observers, the rising mortality rate reflects an increase in cluster infections in nursing homes and long-term care centers.


BEIJING – China says there are seven new coronavirus diseases in Beijing, where authorities have ordered the testing of hundreds of thousands of residents.

The cases are mostly concentrated in villages on the northeastern edge of Beijing, but officials are wary of any outbreak in the capital, which could hurt claims that the virus is widespread but widespread.

City officials have already urged residents not to leave the city during the upcoming lunar New Year holidays. China has canceled large gatherings such as sports events and temple exhibitions. Cinemas, libraries and museums operate at 75% capacity. The government also encourages business travel.


LOS ANGELES – California authorities say hospitals for Covit-19 have been confirmed in some parts of the state, but still have flooded hospitals elsewhere, and state Gov. Newsom warns of a new rise in corona virus cases following a severe holiday trip in defiance of recommendations to avoid meetings.

The remaining ICU units in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley have no capacity. Newsom says the government is preparing for a new upsurge in cases by setting up hospital beds in stadiums, schools and tents.

California continues to break records for the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, while samples used for planning are projected to more than double to 20,000 to 50,000 hospital admissions next month.


Frankfurt, Guy. – The Governor of Kentucky hopes to begin the next phase of his corona virus vaccination program in early February, targeting emergency responders, educators and those aged 70 and over.

More than 26,000 vaccines have so far been distributed in Kentucky, the government’s Andy Fashier said Monday.

Health workers and staff in long-term care facilities topped the list of those to receive vaccines in the first phase. The next assigned groups are 70 and over, first responders such as school staff and police and firefighters.

The governor says the target date for the second phase is February 1, although it could be “a week plus or minus”. He says authorities expect it to take most of February to vaccinate those groups.


Atlanta – More than 4,000 people have been hospitalized with Covit-19 in Georgia, and officials say hospital admissions are on the rise, raising questions about the health system’s ability to cope with the need.

Starting at the Keynesville Nursing Home, the number soared again on Monday as government Brian Kemp specialized in vaccinating nursing home staff.

The state has advanced to the top 20 in new cases of the individual in the last 14 days as infection rates in the Midwest have decreased and risen in the South.

Northeast Georgia Health Systems is a four-hospital hospital organization based in Gainesville, which continues to increase the number of COVID-19 patients. It has beds in a gym to care for those with mild cases, but Dr John Tellsel says they are “basically capable” and that surgeries are being delayed.


Kirkland, Wash. – Residents and staff at the Seattle Area Hospital where the first deadly COVID-19 outbreak in the United States began receiving vaccinations Monday.

The first death associated with Washington’s Kirkland Life Care Center was reported in late February, and more than 40 people connected to the facility later died of the corona virus. The Seattle Times reports Monday is the first day that long-term care facilities under the federal partnership with CVS and Walkreens can receive vaccines, which handle displays for nearly 4,000 long-term care facilities in the state.

Along with health workers, the Washington government has recommended that nursing home residents first get vaccinated, followed by those living in assisted-living facilities, adult family homes and other care sites.


LOS ANGELES – Passenger cruise ships will arrive in the port of Los Angeles in the coming weeks as a step towards resuming future service to the industry that has been shut down by the corona virus epidemic.

The port says arrivals for fuel, goods and services are part of efforts to re-establish ships in U.S. waters as a prerequisite for meeting federal regulations for the resumption of voyages in the future.

Ships from Princess cruise ships, Holland America and Norway cruise line will dock from time to time at the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal starting this week until 2021.

Ships have been stopped since March.

The port of Los Angeles had 93 shipwrecks, accounting for more than 70% of total voyages this year.

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