December 8, 2021

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Recent UN pledges that the UN will have little impact on rising temperatures

Each day, at the end of the day, discover the highlights of the 26the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP), held in Glasgow (Scotland) until November 12, as well as press insights The world.

You have to remember:

  • COP26 focuses on the situation of women facing climate change

COP26 has set November 9 as the date for the study of the plight of women facing climate change. In A presentation press release, The conference reminds us that there are women in all countries. “People who are less vulnerable to natural disasters such as droughts, landslides, floods and hurricanes are more dependent on natural resources to survive.”.

On Twitter, COP26 argues that 80% of those displaced by climate change are women and children. Equal involvement of women in decision-making processes and labor markets (compared to men) “Exacerbates inequalities and prevents them from getting their full share” In the fight against global warming, the conference further points out.

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Finally, COP26 “Recognizes the importance of equal involvement of women and men in the process, and in the development and application of equitable national climate policies”.

  • The limited impact of states’ pledges on temperature rise

According to a recent estimate by the United Nations released on Tuesday, states’ new climate forecasts will always lead to 2.7 degrees Celsius warming. . The annual benchmark report of the United Nations Environment Program, released shortly before the Glasgow Climate Conference, warned of global warming. “Disaster” 2.7 C, or 2.2 C.

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With the commitments of 33 new countries during COP26 – including Brazil, Argentina and especially India – strengthening emissions reduction targets for 2030 and declaring carbon neutral for 2070 – these predictions will not change. The current obligations of 152 countries, which represent 88% of global greenhouse gas emissions, will reduce emissions to 4.8 gigatons (gt) equivalent to CO.2 In addition to 2030, the previous estimate was 0.7 GT.

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“Looking at these new commitments, obviously, it’s the mountain that gave birth to a rat.”Inger Anderson, Managing Director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), responded vehemently that the industry was far from the objectives of the Paris Agreement to control global warming below 1.5 ° C by 2 ° C if possible. By adding new promises of carbon neutrality, the temperature rise can be limited to 2.1 C or 0.1 C above the previous estimate.

Report of the day:

“We need climate sympathy. It may be a new word, but it needs, empathy between the North and the South and citizens. And empathy is not a pity.”

Madagascan Environment Minister Paomiavotse Vahinala Raharinirina spoke on Tuesday about the plight of residents in her country. The southern part of the island in the Indian Ocean has been hit by an unprecedented drought for forty years, leaving more than 1.3 million Malagasy people severely malnourished. The World Food Program recently announced that 30,000 of them are now suffering from a real famine, which was first caused by climate change caused by human activities.

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Picture of the day:

Foreign Minister of the Tuvalu Islands Simon Koff condemned his speech at the International Conference on Climate COP26 from Water to Thighs.

All over the world:

The country on the edge of the Arctic is subject to severe warming, which leads to the rapid fall of glaciers, but this is a sign of ice land. Climate change may also increase landslides in the future.

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Words to understand COP26:


Despite the drastic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions, human communities and regions need to adapt to the inevitable effects of global warming. Measures to control their effects affect all areas: Protection of coastal areas Threat of drowning Economic management of water resources, New Agricultural practices And forestry, storm warning systems, “Fixed” cities

Some countries have adopted national climate change adaptation programs. But, anyway, the planet will not avoid major crises and massive flows Climate refugees (From island states affected by major oceans or drought-prone areas), especially southern countries, are the most threatened and impoverished, with very little to no implementation of ‘adaptation’ policies.

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1 million

This is the number of endangered species of animals and plants in the coming years from the surface of the earth and the oceans. This dangerous observation is the basis of a more than 1,700-page report, the result of three years of research by hundreds of experts on global biodiversity. According to this study, it makes up 75% of the Earth’s environment “Severe defect”. A further 66% of the marine environment is affected. In this catastrophe, the responsibility of human beings is immense. To Franck Courchamp, an ecologist and researcher at CNRS, however, all is not lost. States must take the necessary steps immediately, and citizens must change their behavior.

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Solutions for the planet:

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