February 25, 2021

Report: Slugging Outfielder Eddie Rosario | Indians

The Indians get the much-needed bat for their weak outfield.

The tribe are concluding a deal with free-agent left fielder Eddie Rosario, who scored 32 home runs in 2019 and drove for 109 for the Minnesota doubles, according to several reports.

The Indians did not ratify the agreement. Rosario must first master his body. The deal is said to be for one year and 8 million.

Rosario, 29, was Minnesota’s fourth round draft pick in 2010. He has played with the duo for the last six seasons and has scored 119 home runs, 388 RBI and 400 runs.

The left field is full of Indians. Jake Boyers, Jordan Lublo, Josh Neyler and Bradley Zimmer could all play this position, but none of these four have the power that Rosario has shown.

Rosario likes to hit the progressive field. He has 11 home runs in 45 career games in Cleveland, with 12 doubles, three triples and 25 Reserve Banks.353 batting average.

Rosario scored 13 home runs in 2020 and scored 42 runs in 57 games due to the Corona virus novel.

When the Indians traded shortstop Francisco Linder, they launched Carlos Karasco to the Mets on January 7th. The money saved in the payroll will be reinvested. The inclusion of Rosario is part of that reinvestment.

Earlier in the day, the Indians officially announced the re-signing of second-baseman Caesar Hernandez for a $ 5 million one-year contract. Hernandez scored three home runs with the Indians last season, including 20 RBIs and 35 runs.283.