January 22, 2022

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RTL Today – Luxembourg City: Pictures of Saturday’s protest, about 30 people arrested

One hundred protesters gathered in front of the Luxembourg-City station on Saturday afternoon, from where the demonstration against health measures began. But she was soon arrested by police.

According to our findings on the site, about 350 people responded to the call for a new day of protest against government-mandated health measures. This Saturday, January 15th, 3G Govt Check is mandatory at work.

The police allowed the demonstrators to leave the station, but in the afternoon 2:30 am, near the Place de Paris, near the Blaz de Baris, blocked them at a few meters away. Anger erupted: Some protesters tried to force a police siege, but to no avail. A tense situation prevailed as protesters were detained on all sides.

One board reads, “Let our children wake up before they are ashamed of us.” “Freedom, truth” showed another. The police repeatedly charged. At 3:45 pm, there were only about 150 protesters.

At 4:30 p.m., police evacuated ten people every quarter hour as the light dimmed. Everyone must show an ID card. The tension reduced a phase, however, as a demonstrator tried to take action, the police quickly acted in the evening …

By 6 p.m., only about fifty protesters were there. The police continued to let some of them in every ten minutes to avoid overflowing.

Thirty interpolations

At about 7:10 p.m., the “prison” of the protest on Avenue de la Liberte was removed, police said.

Thirty people involved in the protest were arrested. “In 16 cases, legal action was initiated for the following facts: Initiation of pyrotechnic devices in the direction of insurgents or police officers.”

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Police will remain in downtown throughout the evening.