January 19, 2022

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Russia successfully tests zircon hypersonic missile

The missile was fired from the White Sea towards the shores of the Parent Sea. It is part of a series of new weapons developed by Moscow.

Russia announced on Monday that it had successfully tested its new zircon hypersonic cruise missile, part of a series of weapons developed by Moscow, confirming that they are unparalleled in the world.

«Warship Admiral Korskov fires a hypersonic zircon missile from the White Sea at a land target off the coast of PormontThe Russian Defense Ministry announced in a statement. Missile Mac 7 and “Successfully reaches the target at a distance of 350 km.

“A great event” for Russia

The first official launch of a zircon missile took place before October 2020, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.Great event“for”All countries“There have been at least two tests each time since Admiral Korsko.

In the wake of tensions with the West, Russia has increased its announcements of new weapons in recent years. “InvincibleWritten by Vladimir Putin.

New generation hypersonic missiles

Zircon is one of them. It is intended to equip the surface vessels and submarines of the Russian Navy, with a maximum range of about 1,000 kilometers.

Many weapons for the Air Force, such as the Kinzal Hypersonic Missile or the Pryvestnik nuclear-powered missile.

The first new generation Avoncord hypersonic missiles, capable of achieving Mach 27 speeds and changing trajectory and altitude, were commissioned into service with the Russian Army in December 2019.

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