January 16, 2022

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School closures in Guyana, rising deaths abroad

The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 disease continues to decline in France. According to France (SPF) data on Public Health (SPF), 7,565 people were admitted to hospital on Thursday, September 30, as opposed to 7,726 on Wednesday, including 238 admissions in Kovit-19-twenty-four hours. Among the major care services welcoming patients with the most serious health problems, the number of patients was 1,414 (up from 1,466), with 58 new additions as of Wednesday. The positive rate remained stable at 1.2%, with 5,204 new cases confirmed since the previous day.

As for the vaccine, 50.5 million people have received at least one injection (i.e. 74.9% of the total population) and 48.6 million people have been fully vaccinated (i.e. 72.1% of the total population).

  • State de France vaccine closure

In six months, 545,000 doses were administered in the State of France, according to the Seine-Saint-Denis region.

The State de France vaccine closed its doors on Thursday, the province of Seine-Saint-Denis announced in a press release. In six months, 545,000 doses were administered there, referring to the province of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Co-managed by the Isle-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS), the region, the Council of Departments, the city of Saint-Denis and the Paris Fire Brigade, the center opened on April 6 to break the chains of pollution in a poor sector affected by the high death toll associated with the epidemic. Other mega-centers were established, such as the Saint-Quentin-N-Yvelines Velodrome or the State-Velodrome in Marseille.

Health officials now want to address those who have not been vaccinated: “From Monday, October 4 (11am to 7pm) a new center will be set up in front of the University of Paris-VIII, on the 13th lane of the Saint-Denis-University metro station at the intersection. “, Added the province.

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  • Decrease in the number of closed classes

Classes to learn that the epidemic is no longer progressing, the National Ministry of Education announced Friday.

One week ago, 2,366 classes were closed, or 0.45%, a figure that has already dropped drastically compared to the previous week (3,299 classes).

The ministry said eight school structures (seven schools and one high school) had been closed due to the epidemic. In addition, 6,758 are offered in 10,700 middle and high schools “Vaccine Study” Students.

At the beginning of the school year, the ministry adopted the Level 2 health protocol (out of 4), which allows all students to attend in person and they must wear the mask indoors, except in kindergarten. The obligation to wear a mask in elementary school will be removed from Monday for students in at least 47 departments affected by the epidemic, which goes to level 1 of the protocol.

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The mask is mandatory in 54 fields “If there is a high cycle of infection”. The Govt-19 case in an elementary school class is set to close in June. In the event of contamination in middle or high school, students should isolate themselves for a week only in non-vaccinated contact cases.

  • Colleges and high schools in Guyana were closed again

In Guyana, colleges, high schools and high schools will be closed from October 4 to 14, and in the “red zones”, the delta variation is actively spreading, except for student choices, announced Thursday Region on Facebook. Nursery and elementary classes will not be closed.

In these “red zones”, gymnasiums, restaurants and cafes such as Cain, Coro or Saint-Laurent-to-Maroni remain closed doors. Sunday control and curfew every day of the week is maintained from 7 p.m. A further fourteen rural municipalities in the region are classified as “green zones” where the virus is less active and no class or leisure time is closed. Travel without a certificate will be maintained until 9 p.m.

That “Different Braking Activities” Occurs during delta variation “Hospitals” To Govt-19 “Was on the rise” According to the epidemiological point last week Public Health France released on Friday – 131 against 115. “People under the age of 18 represent 30% of confirmed cases, which is a sharp increase, leading to continued pediatric hospital admissions”, SPF references. According to official statistics, almost 32% of guinea pigs over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated.

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  • Complete abolition of curfew order on Reunion Island

The province announced that it would lift the curfew altogether and reopen nightclubs as health conditions improved on Reunion Island – closed from March 14, 2020, the first prison date – with effect from Monday. Activities of “Relaxation” Taken by the politician “In view of positive health data”, Wrote the province in a press release on Friday.

The abolition of in-store measurements and the end of the obligation to wear masks in companies open to the public will come into effect from Monday. Recognition for groups in the public space has been increased to six to ten individuals. The same increase is used for tourism, which is deeply rooted in local entertainment. The health pass applies under the same conditions as in the mainland France.

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As of September 27, the incidence rate on Reunion Island was 42.2 cases per 100,000 population, according to SPF figures. The national average for the same date was 55.3.

A curfew was imposed on July 31 from 6 pm to prevent an outbreak of the disease. Then it was late September 23rd at 9pm and 11pm. By announcing a reduction in health measures, the prefect, Jack Billand, reiterated “Necessary” Get vaccinated. As of Sunday, October 24, 439,252 people, or 64.4% of the island’s population, had a complete immunization schedule.

  • Overseas deaths increased

Between 1 there was an increase of 78% in Guadeloupe and 69% in MartiniqueThere is The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INCI) announced on Friday that June and September 20, 2019 will be a year without Govt, compared to the same period.

Throughout France, the death toll is 1 to 3% higherThere is From June to September 20, compared to the same period of 2019 (178,075 deaths or 5,799 more), Govt has opted in favor of comparing 2019 to a year free of infection. This is higher for those aged 65 to 74 (+ 8.9%) and 75-84 (+ 6%).

On the mainland of France, the number of deaths recorded during this period is 2% higher than in 2019, and even higher in seven regions, including Corsica (+8%), Provence-Alpes-C டிte d’Azur (+7%) and Occitania. (+ 6%).

But this gap is even greater in foreign sectors, especially in the West Indies, which have been hit hard by the Govt-19 epidemic this summer. “In Guadeloupe, the increase in deaths was most pronounced in early August and accelerated in the middle of the month: deaths in August 2021 were three times higher than in August 2019 (+ 227%), and deaths in June and July 2021 remained the same in 2019, note l’Insee. In Martinique, the death toll began to rise in July. The increase in deaths in August is significant, but slightly lower than in Guadeloupe (+ 175%), references INSEE. In both of these areas of the West Indies, we see a return to near-death levels in September 2019.

Between 1There is With the increase in June and September 20, in Guyana (+ 55%, with consecutive deaths since the end of May) and in Reunion (affected by the dengue epidemic), deaths are significantly higher in 2021 than in 2019. 21%. In the myocardium, the increase is 16%.

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