January 22, 2022

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Six people have been arrested on suspicion of robbing a customs office in November

When that crisis shook Guadeloupe These last weeks
Seems like the past, It’s time for sanctions and investigations. Pointe-க்-Clone’s state attorney Patrick Desjardins said “six people have been detained”, including “four (they) were arraigned Monday with the intent to charge with aggravated robbery”. It is suspected that everyone may have been involved
Customs office looting On November 19 at Pointe–Pitre.

During this attack, several weapons were stolen. Patrick Desjardins continued, “Prevention requests were made” against four people arrested Thursday, “including a minor”.

Some bandits are experienced criminals

According to him, the two juniors were not known to police, but the other two – 47 and 27 – were “almost convinced that their profile was very accurate and very clear: this is a question. Three of them attacked the customs office.” Circumstances aggravated theft – action in the legislature, intrusion and vandalism – as well as possession and seizure of weapons in the legislature.

The 20- and 23-year-olds, who were arrested Sunday, were also remanded in custody Monday evening. They also “have profiles of experienced offenders,” the attorney noted. He said DNA fingerprints have identified the suspects.

Many stolen weapons

According to Lt. Col. Joel Kerlio, commander of Gendermary’s research unit, “half a dozen automatic weapons, a submachine gun and a pistol” were stolen. “They took advantage of the chaos they created Urban violence A forklift to forcefully enter the “room” “to break a forklift gate stolen nearby”, he said, noting that the customs vehicle was set on fire and two cabinets were looted.

In this case, only one weapon was found by the person who explained that he had bought it for 2,700 euros via WhatsApp message. He was sentenced by the Point Pedro Reform Court to eighteen months in prison.

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