January 16, 2022

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The British Minister of Health resigned for not following health rules

A video released in the press shows the minister hugging one of his advisers, which caused a scandal across the channel.

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British Health Minister Matt Hong Kong announced his resignation on Saturday, June 26, in violation of the rules imposed on Govt-19. As part of a relationship with a consultant. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who initially supported his minister in office for three years, said he was “Sorry” His resignation.

“We owe it to ourselves to be honest with the people who sacrificed so much during these epidemics, and we deceived them as I did in defiance of instructions.”, He reiterated his apology and wrote in his resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The politician’s decision follows a video released by The Chund newspaper on May 6. This shows that the minister is stuck with an advisor Guardian, The government at the time advised against physical contact between people who did not live under the same roof.

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