January 22, 2022

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The Catholic Church in its canon engraves an explicit article on sexual offenses committed by priests against minors

Recorded by the Catholic Church, Tuesday 1There is June, in its internal legislative code, explicit article on sexual offenses committed by priests against minors. Has long been sought after by those suffering from pedophilia within the Church.

The current canon law provides for the punishment of sexual abuse by minors against minors under a simple heading that does not conform to the sixth commandment of the Bible: “You will not commit adultery.” However, this creation, based on a lack of respect for celibacy, was condemned as vague and vague in terms of civil justice in view of the avalanche of pedophilia scandals published in recent years in the Church.

The Vatican on Tuesday unveiled one of the seven books of the 1983 Constitution, which includes criminal sanctions against the Catholic Church. These changes will take effect in December.

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From the fine to the expulsion from the church

One of the primary discoveries is that the new law brings clarity to the serious question of sexual offenses against minors. In the section “Crimes against human life, dignity and liberty”, Canon law now include “An offense against the Sixth Commandment with a minor or a person who has been involved in an affair or with a person whose law recognizes the similar protection of the law”.

Anyone who drives minorities “Participate in Porn Exhibitions” Or who possesses child pornography, which is punishable by expulsion from the Church.

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A front Unprecedented summit, convened by the Pope in February 2019, In the presence of leaders of 114 Episcopates from all continents to fight sexual abuse of minors by members of the clergy, the victims drew up a long list of demands. “A clear definition” Sexual harassment of a minor is necessary to help church leaders, not one “Vague Statutory Law” “Offenses against the Sixth Commandment”, Sat on the Vatican’s Commission against Pedophilia before ousting Irish victim Mary Collins in 2017.

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