January 16, 2022

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The chairman of the executive committee has set aside his first visit

Within 24 hours of being elected Chairman of the Executive Committee, Serge Letsimi went to CDM’s Technical Services on July 3, 2021. Objective: To manage Elsa event and acquire intervention processes during hurricane.

After Hurricane Elsa struck Martinique on July 2, 2021, the chairman of the executive committee was in the crisis section of Martinique’s regional cooperative. On the campus of Technical Services, at the former Fouch Hospital, the CEO held a meeting with various actors of Technical Services, an opportunity to paint a cargo after Hurricane Elsa passed.

In the technical service intervention program, it achieves a very interesting performance today, allowing for the widest possible scenario across the entire landscape.

This technical expertise makes it possible to view roads, buildings, but also human damage, and CDM is very important to collect this information quickly, and especially to act very quickly.

Serge Letsimi, Chairman of the CDM Executive Committee

Serge Letsimi to the crisis unit set up by Martinique’s Regional Collective (CDM).

© Carl Red

CDM’s intervention plans were tested in the wake of Hurricane Elsa

In Elsa’s passage, there was no major damage, but one person was injured. Roads were cleared very quickly since Friday evening (July 2, 2021), with most network users available. This Saturday morning, the only point that needed intervention was that the RT12 in Morne-Cabot in Lorraine was placed with a diversion when technical teams intervened.

With regard to risks globally, the CDM and the State share a certain number of responsibilities, and from next week a meeting will be able to agree on the question of risks in Martinique.

Faced with the risks, we are at the forefront, and there must be solutions for the elected officials from the people to the elected officials. Sure, the state has its responsibilities, but the idea is to ensure the best possible integration so that the CDM is present during decisions and makes its voice heard with the state.

Serge Letsimi

Letsimi Crisis Unit July 3 CDM

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As the various projects become more and more accurate and more efficient in terms of data collection, the Executive Chairman and the technicians need to meet again to see further progress on the sites.

© K Sivathe

This first visit by President Letchimi to Technical Services ensured that CDM was ready for the hurricane season. CDM Services has already prepared a work and intervention plan. Presented to the Executive Committee Chairman this morning. The technicians were able to explain the different projects

I am aware of this functional system that has reached a high level of performance today. There are still some holes as we are sharp as far as the area owned by the local authority is concerned. We need to be more consistent with an even better level of knowledge about human damage, material damage and prognosis.

I believe it is important to have a strong position in both technology and politics.

Serge Letsimi

“It is important to have a strong position in both technology and politics …”

As for technical services, they organized as much as they could for Elsa by activating the crisis unit at 6am on July 2, which was a “full-scale training” that was able to verify the quality of the feedback in the area.

By 7pm on Friday, almost all roads were back to traffic. We still have an intervention in Lorraine and hope to be able to complete operations in the next few hours.

Mark Mongis, Deputy Director General of CDM’s Infrastructure and Equipment

Letsimi CDM Crisis Unit July 3

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CDM technicians provided various programs and systems in the event of a hurricane.

© K Sivathe

The hurricane season was initially prepared by teams from various technical departments to deal with the situation.

As the hurricane season approaches, we are updating our facilities and conducting vital testing of material resources at our disposal, machinery and trucks …

The teams are very well prepared. Before the first rain they were cleaned a lot to make it convenient to get out. As for the eggplant, we are trying to pass the flowering period at the request of the beekeepers, and we started these eggplants at the end of Lent so that we are ready before the hurricane season.

Mark Mongis

Two hours of meetings and exchanges with technicians and video conferencing, the CDM executive chairman said he was satisfied with this first technical meeting. The parties agreed to meet again soon to prepare for an important meeting scheduled for mid-July with state services related to risk management.