January 19, 2022

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The continent needs 20 million doses of AstraZeneca

South Sudan offers 72,000 doses of estrogen vaccine

The country received 132,000 doses at the end of March from Kovacs, the global mechanism for delivering vaccines to poor countries, but warned that they could not administer them before their expiration, on Tuesday, May 25, at the Angelo Cop Tone Health Ministry’s Govt-19 operations.

After this visit, Juba hopes that about 52,000 quantities will remain in the country from the same constituency, which can be used before the July 18 expiration date. Of the 12 million people, only 7,996 South Sudanese received a single dose.

The safety boots dried after being washed on May 28, 2020, in the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Ministry of Health in Juba, South Sudan.

According to officials, the use was hampered by logistics issues: the condition and safety of roads in this country, which has emerged from the civil war, is critical. But also because people are reluctant to get vaccinated. Continuing problem on the African continent.

The suspension of the astrogenic vaccine, especially in South Africa, has increased public distrust. Therefore, South Sudan is not the only country to have to repay its vaccines without losing them. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) had to give up 1.3 million shares redistributed to other African countries.

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Upon hearing this, John Enkensang, Director of the African Center for Prevention and Control of Disease Control (CDC Africa), announced that an awareness campaign would be launched specifically to explain it. “Vaccines are safe and save lives”.

For his part, Dr. Matsidiso Moyati, President of the World Health Organization (WHO) Africa Office, calls on states to take action to improve communication through churches, women’s associations, and youth … “Messages are sent to people by people they trust”, He clarified.

Partial resumption of Air Algeria flights

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After a suspension of more than fifteen months, Algeria announced on Monday 24 May that it would resume flights from 1 p.m.There is June for four countries. “Three weekly flights from France and will be offered” With the exception of weekly flights from Turkey (Istanbul), Spain (Barcelona) and Tunisia (Tunis) and weekly flights to Paris and Paris, and one flight from Marseille via Air Algeri, a newspaper refers to the release from the Prime Minister.

An Air Algeria Boeing 737-800.

Decided in March 2020, at the onset of the Govt-19 epidemic, the closure of borders and the suspension of commercial flights and maritime connections cut off many Algerians from their home country. In March, as the English variant appeared in Algeria at the end of February, accessible return flights were also stopped under the conditions.

This long-awaited reopening is highly prohibited, however, upon their arrival, passengers must comply with a five-day jail stay at the hotel chosen by the authorities. These accommodation costs and screening test will be the responsibility of the passengers and the boarding will have to be paid.

This is the amount of AstraZeneca vaccine needed by the African continent in mid-July to give a second injection to people who have already been vaccinated, the WHO warned in its weekly information point on Thursday 27 May. The international organization recommends an interval of eight to twelve weeks between two injections.

In addition to this urgent need, the continent needs 200 million doses to control 10% of its population by 2021. “Africa needs vaccines now. Any break in our vaccination campaign will lead to loss of life and loss of hope. ”, Said Dr. Matshidiso Moetti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

Beginning of the vaccination campaign in the Central African Republic

Officially launched on Thursday, May 20, it benefits in 60,000 doses from the first batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered by the Kovax mechanism. To date, 7,010 cases of Govt-19 have been reported in the country, for 96 deaths. But since the beginning of 2021 this number has risen sharply. “The epidemic is spreading deep in the villages, President Fastin’s Archange Tudora, said of a concern “Threat It has a chaotic instability potential and its magnitude intensifies every day.”.

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The country, which has been plagued by civil war for nearly eight years, is already one of the poorest countries in the world. According to the United Nations, almost half of the population of this Central African country “Food insecurity”, Due to corona virus infection, but also due to security situation.

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Emmanuel Macron arrives in South Africa

The issue of vaccine productivity in Africa should be at the heart of the French president’s visit to South Africa, a country most affected by the epidemic, this Friday, May 28. A trip to the summit on African economies in Paris on May 18. Emmanuel Macron had mentioned the need “To develop productivity in Africa for vaccines such as adenoviruses, remodeling proteins and messenger RNA in the coming weeks through financial and industrial partnerships”.

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During his weekly information point on Thursday, May 27, John Enkensang recalled the importance of the issue to the continent, i.e. “Freedom based on vaccine protection”. Africa imports 99% of its vaccines. There are only six production units on the continent: a network of pastoral centers in three Maghreb countries, Senegal, Waxera, a public company in Egypt, and Biovac, a public company in South Africa. In mid-April, the African Union launched a “ Joint for the Preparation of African Vaccines ”(PAVM) with the aim of creating five poles for the research and production of vaccines on the continent.

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