January 16, 2022

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The FBI has identified a young American traveler, KP Petito, as the victim of a murder

Gabriel Petito, 22, an American, has been missing since Sept. 11. Since the beginning of July, he has been traveling in a van across the United States with his partner Brian Laundry.

The FBI confirmed Tuesday that young American traveler Gabriel Petito was killed in a car bombing. The 22-year-old has been missing since Sept. 11 when he traveled the van across the United States with his partner Brian Laundry since July.

Preliminary analysis by the medical examiner responsible for examining the body found in the state of Wyoming describes the death as a “murder,” a report by the Denver FBI Division in Colorado. However, the Federal Police say the final results of the autopsy will confirm the official cause of death.

The call for witnesses was initiated

Witnesses were called to the scene as the couple passed by a camp in Grand Dayton National Park between August 27 and 30.

The lawsuit was probably funded by US and foreign Internet users, who commented on all aspects of the extensive search for a 22-year-old woman who went missing while traveling with her partner on September 11., Brian Laundry.

The couple began their journey in New York City on the East Coast, posting photos of the country’s majestic scenery and smiling along with their campervan. In the video posted on YouTube, the two lovers are seen kissing at sunset and walking on the beach.

“Carlton Security is a big and hostile area”

Gabby Petito’s parents last contacted him when the couple was in Grand Teton National Park. The 23-year-old fianc was actively searched Tuesday for a search of his parents’ home the previous day, where the couple also lived. Two weeks ago, Free Laundry walked home alone with her friend Van to this northern port in Florida.

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He declined to speak to investigators before disappearing. The hunt, launched by police, sparked great interest in the United States on Tuesday.

The hunt is taking place in a swampy area in Florida, the North Harbor Police Department, which is in charge of the FBI’s research, announced Tuesday.

“Carlton security is sometimes a big and hostile area. It is currently engulfed in many places. It is a dangerous job for search parties advancing through swamp-infested swamps and snakes,” he explains in a Facebook post.

Jean Blunt with AFP BFMTV Reporter