January 16, 2022

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The German foreign intelligence service also used spyware

After the police, the intelligence department: shows it a month after the publication of the German press The country’s federal police force, Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), used Pegasus spyware in early 2020, Weekly Time The German Foreign Intelligence Service, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) also reveals that it is a client of the controversial computer error.

Pegasus, designed by the Israeli company NSO Group, sells it exclusively to the police or intelligence services, allowing almost total control over a phone running Android or iOS without the user knowing. Once installed, the program lets you listen to conversations, know the device’s geolocation, activate the camera, or save archives of encrypted messages such as WhatsApp.

In July, Including the International Federation of Seventeen Media The world, Integrated by the organization called Prohibited Stories, revealed several large-scale illegal uses of the software. The list of 50,000 potential targets discussed by the media showed that Pegasus was spying on numerous lawyers, journalists and human rights activists. In France, as in other countries, there were a dozen heads of state and government on the list of possible targets, including Emmanuel Macron, ministers and diplomats.

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Political implications in Germany

It is not known when or under what precise circumstances BND was able to use Pegasus. But when the BKA signed an agreement with the NSO group, the legal departments of the federal police were concerned about the capabilities of the software: they feared that its use would be in the context of formal investigations or contrary to the German constitution, which guarantees the right to privacy. . BKA specifically asked the NSO team to limit the capabilities of the software to its use.

Outside Germany, the manifestations of the “Pegasus Project” were welcomed with a certain interest in European Chancellors.

Deputy Ty Linge (left) Martina Renner arrested Friday, Oct. 8 The position of the “Kingmakers” to form the future German government. “We need a ban on this software”, Written by Ms.Me Renner on Twitter, Invites both parties “Keep Their Promises”.

Outside Germany, the manifestations of the “Pegasus Project” are welcomed in European Chancellors with a particular preference. According to NSO sources, Germany is far from the only country in the world to have used the Pegasus in the intelligence services of many European countries. In Spain, Catalan freedom fighters were targeted by spyware, without knowing exactly which security service customer in the country.

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And France? The NSO team has approached many police or intelligence services in France in recent years, but no one has licensed the software. The world. Decision taken at the highest levels of the state for technical sovereignty and reasons “Fame Danger”: The NSO says it sells its software to dictatorial regimes such as Kazakhstan or Rwanda, while carefully selecting its customers, including ethical criteria.

“Protected” countries

On Wednesday, October 6, new revelations came as the British court confirmed. That Pegasus spied on Princess Haya of Dubai, On behalf of her husband, Emir of Dubai. Documents released by the court warned that the NSO team may have targeted the princess and her lawyer by Pegasus. Dubai’s access to powerful spyware was soon curtailed and the NSO team says UK numbers can no longer be targeted by software.

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According to a source familiar with the NSO’s internal operations, the Pegasus can no longer target “five-eyed” allies, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. According to this source, the software can only spy on phones from these countries if the customer is from the same country: Pegasus’ Australian client (law enforcement or intelligence service) can only monitor Australian phones.

Following our revelations, French Forces Minister Florence Barley asked Israeli officials that French numbers were also being protected, he said in an interview at the end of September. The world. “We had an answer that it would be like that. I can not tell you anything moreM saidMe Barley

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