January 16, 2022

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The government will provide a “baby box” for young parents in maternity hospitals

Some 180,000 packages will be distributed from February to maternity hospitals in municipalities with priority neighborhood and rural renaissance municipalities.

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Parents of newborns will receive a “baby box” in the maternity ward from February 2022, the opportunity to send preventive messages to nursing staff, the Secretary of State announced on Tuesday 12 October. “Every object [de cette box] Reports and identifies a message that will help parents. This will facilitate dialogue with families in the maternity ward. “, Refers to the Cabinet of Secretary of State Adrian Tuckett.

The “baby box” will thus contain a sleeping bag, which will explain how to put the baby to bed to avoid any accident such as sudden infant death. An album will promote art and cultural awareness in children, interactions with parents and encourage the child to read without having to wait until going to school. A soap helps promote natural products and is aware of endocrine disorders and chemicals, while a moisturizer reminds the mother of the importance of setting aside time for herself.

Rather than a box, this package is offered in the form of a shoulder bag. As for the government, this one “Call to go out, play (…) sports or outdoor activities”. About 180,000 boxes will be distributed from February in maternity wards in municipalities with priority neighborhood and rural renaissance municipalities. The device will undoubtedly be evaluated in the summer before being extended to the entire area.

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