January 19, 2022

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The ICAO must submit its first investigation report by the end of June

Europeans, members of the UN Security Council and the United States called on Wednesday “Emergency Inquiry” : They have been asked. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has announced the opening of an emergency meeting in Montreal, Canada, on Thursday, May 27. “True Inquiry” Surely Sunday interception of Belarusian commercial Ryanair flight.

ICAO featured “The importance of establishing the facts of what happened and understanding whether an ICAO member country has violated international aviation law, including the conference. [de Chicago] International Civil Aviation and Its Links ”.

This conference marks it “Each treaty state agrees not to use civil aviation for purposes not in line with the terms of this agreement.”. Or, “Ryanair aircraft changed for reasons unrelated to civil aviation”, DGIC, Director of French Civil Aviation.

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Inquiry in the form of a challenge

The decision of the ICAO was taken during the emergency closed door meeting of its governing body, During which 36 diplomatic representatives of the Council were convened.

“At this meeting, the decision to start the investigation was not voted on,” he said. Said a representative who attended the meeting. But both countries have opposed such an investigation: Russia and China. Russia is defending one side of the story, accusing Westerners of setting their minds before considering the facts. “

“Arguments taken by the Chinese representative, in a very sensible and peaceful manner, but a warning against not presenting the results of the investigation in advance”, He mentions.

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ICAO submission, by the end of June, a “Progress Investigation Report”, SAccording to the same source. “A panel of officials from the agency’s general secretariat will be set up tomorrow [vendredi] To conduct these investigations with experts in security, security and legal matters. This survey will be a real challenge because all the states involved in the event must do their part. ”, According to this participant.

Therefore, according to him, the countries concerned:

  • Poland, the country of registration of the aircraft;
  • Lithuania, the destination of the aircraft;
  • Greece as the origin state of the aircraft;
  • Operator’s nationality is Ireland;
  • And Belarus, which has produced its own report, has already been sent to the ICAO.

However, its purpose is to lay down rules governing civil aviation, not the power to impose sanctions.

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Lukashenko-Putin meeting Friday

The regime of Alexander Lukashenko was accused of hijacking a Ryanair plane to Minsk on Sunday to arrest a disgruntled journalist. Roman Protasevich, Which received EU sanctions, including the closure of EU airspace.

Mr. Lukashenko, for his part, claims to have acted “Legally” Under the pretext of bomb threat. The President of Belarus has thus denied the allegations, according to which Mr. He had hijacked the plane with the intention of arresting Protasevich. Deserves this “Terrorist” Mr. By Lukachenko, the opponent was arrested when he landed in Minsk just like his Russian comrade Sofia Sabeka.

Belarus has the false support of its Russian allies in this regard. Vladimir Putin will officially welcome Alexander Lukashenko on Friday at his summer home in Sochi, on the shores of the Black Sea in southern Russia. “Integration” Between the two former Soviet republics, Moscow is a project that has long been loved and their “General Projects, Especially the Economy” , According to the Kremlin website.

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But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday urged the West to do the same. “Stop monsters who don’t like you”.

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