April 18, 2021

The Indian Head family turns their backyard into a curling ring

Indian head, Sask. – Although the epidemic has forced many of us to look for new ways to entertain ourselves, an Indian head couple decided to use their love of curling to create a ring in their backyard.

Amy Redding and her husband Darcy Cares said they have been wanting to create their own curling ring for years. When the epidemic forced the local arena to close, they realized it was time to give them their best show.

“It started 25 years ago when I bought curling irons from a farm auction, hoping to one day create a ring in the backyard,” Cares said. “(This) never happened, but because of the COVID protocols this year, we thought we could have some friends and family within our protocols and have fun.”

With an ice blower, some tar and a pipe, Cares began to make the sheet. It took a week to build the ring.

“This is not something you put in seven days of work, only 50 hours an hour. We know our Saskatchewan winter is long and I can enjoy it until the end of February or even March, ”said Redding.

The couple are a big fan of curling and they have been involved in the sport internally with their kids for many years.

This outdoor ring allows you to keep friends and family while following provincial guidelines.

“We’ve got some family friends with small families who will be the future curlers at our local curling ring in town, so it was so much fun to have them and go out with them and spend some time,” he said.

Although the way they play on this paper is sometimes very different than in the arena, the couple says they are happy to give their friends some defaults.

“It gave us the opportunity to go quickly with ten people in the yard, which is what we said during the holidays,” Redding said.

As the snow melts this year, the couple say they have ideas on how to improve the ring for next year.