January 17, 2021

The Indian ship is due to leave China after waiting for more than 6 months

An Indian ship with 23 crew has been allowed to leave China’s Jingdong port after failing to load its cargo for more than six months, said Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd., which operates the ship.

The entire carrier is scheduled to depart today for the port of Siba, Japan, where the Mumbai-based Great Eastern’s back-up team is waiting to take charge, company spokesperson Anjali Kumar said by phone. Arrangements have been made for the stranded sailors to return to India, he said.

The Indian flag hoisted by Australian coal Jack Anand arrived in Jingdong in mid-June. By November, at least 21 total carriers with nearly 400 crew members were queuing at the Chinese port, about 230 kilometers east of Beijing.

A stalemate played out in the background of a diplomatic rift between China and Australia, which escalated into a trade war, with China adding several Australian items to the blacklist, from coal to wings to crabs. As the ships anchored, a humanitarian crisis erupted as port authorities blocked the movement of crew members, citing Govt rules.

“We are still waiting for the charter’s instructions about the cargo,” said Kumar of the Great Eastern. “Right now, our priority is to help our team members get home. We have all the necessary permissions for that.”

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