January 16, 2022

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The investigation into the explosion at the port of Beirut has been suspended

The judge, who was in charge of the investigation into last year’s Beirut port explosion, adjourned his hearing on Monday, September 27, following a complaint lodged against him by a former minister suspected of being involved in the tragedy. .

Examination of Magistrate Tarek Pitara “Announced legal action granted by the Deputy (and former Minister of the Interior).Before the Beirut Court of Appeals, legal evidence stated. Authorities blamed the August 4, 2020 explosion and storage without precautionary measures since late 2013, when high levels of ammonium nitrate killed at least 214 people, wounded more than 6,500 and destroyed entire districts of the capital. Lebanese authorities have rejected any international investigation, citing criminal negligence, and released the first investigator in February following allegations by senior officials.

Political pressure on Judge Pitar

Since the case was inherited, Judge Peter Al-Magnook has summoned four former ministers, including three current members of parliament.Potential murder motive“And”Negligence and violations“But while political pressure on the investigators increased, parliament refused to boost their immunity.

Judge “Peter suspends all investigation and all activities related to the explosion file …“Judicial evidence has been added. The complaint filed by al-Magnouk, who seeks to drop the case, triggers a technical glitch based on a constitutional article that only the Supreme Court can prosecute ministers and senior officials.

In early August, Amnesty International accused it of obstructing the investigation into the bombing.ShamelessAnd without disputes. In recent weeks, Judge Bitter has been at the center of a defamation campaign and has come under intense pressure, even from indirect threats from some ruling parties.

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