January 16, 2022

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The Malian prime minister has accused France of “abandoning the entire plane”

The Prime Minister condemns the “vacuum” that the withdrawal of French troops poses a risk, especially in northern Mali. Moreover, in the context of increased jihadist threat.

Prime Minister of Mali Social Gokalla Maga On Saturday, France accused France of “abandoning it in full flight”, justifying its decision to “look for other partners” with its decision to withdraw its burgundy force.

“The new situation, born at the end of Bargane, puts Mali in front of a fat ugly, revealing a kind of drop in the middle of the plane, leading to exploring ways and means to ensure security independently with other partners,” he said from the platform of the United Nations General Assembly.

He lamented that it was a question of “filling a void in the closure of some right-hand lanes in Bargana, north of Mali,” “unintentional” and “unilateral.” Notice without tripartite coordination with UN and Malian government.

“Unilateral Notification”

In the wake of the growing jihadi threat, “the French operation Bergen was suddenly announced to be transformed into an international alliance with a deviation, all of its definitions not yet known,” said Gogol Maga. Add: “Anyway, not from my country, not from our people”.

“The unilateral announcement of Bargane’s departure and its transformation does not take into account the tripartite link that binds us”, UN, Mali and France. “Mali regrets that the advice and concert policy decision that should be the rule between privileged partners has not been looked upwards,” the Malian prime minister continued.

In view of the developments to come, the Malian people deserve to live in safety, although the UN. He demanded that the Minusma Peace Mission and its 15,000 peacekeepers “have a very offensive position on the ground.”

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Soguel Gogolla Micah finally promised that “there is no anti-Minusma sentiment in Mali, no anti-French sentiment.”