January 19, 2022

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The new dangerous challenge was audited by Dictoc

The There are stupid and dangerous challenges in social networks. We can no longer count them, but the latest is causing spectacular falls and pain for those who try it! This challenge Le Paul Great Challenge. We explain what it contains, What are the risks and why do authorities warn everyone who wants to try the experiment.

Risk of stroke and bleeding

In fact, the Paul Great Challenge appeared a few days ago Tic Tac Toe And other social sites. The goal isStack plastic milk boxes in a pyramid. Obviously, the structure is unstable and the person who wants to achieve it must Climb the layer of crates and then go back down without falling. But as you can imagine, there are more failures than successes and the challenge usually ends with some impressive and painful falls.

This challenge will kill people #MilgradeChallenge pic.twitter.com/O6vHqyAkia

August 24, 2021

Baton Rouge ud83e udd23 ud83e udd23 ud83e udd23 ud83e udd23 #GreatsChallenge # Great challenge # Cryptotrading # Inscriptions #MilgradeChallenge pic.twitter.com/35XRjFmOOy

August 24, 2021

Adds Super Mario sounds #MilgradeChallenge Makes it even better pic.twitter.com/xKs4nD4FVJ

August 23, 2021

Lmaooooo Nah I’m going to sleep. The # Great challenge Leaving the hand ud83d ude2d ud83d ude2d = ud83d ude2d ud83d ude2d ud83d ude2d # Dairy #Fun #MilkCrateChallenge # Hood Olympics pic.twitter.com/gKcdgrBpWD

August 22, 2021

Faced with the scale of this trend, doctors in the United States have warned Internet users about the dangers of this challenge. For an emergency physician at the University of Kansas, the risks are enormous. People can Fracture of your back or bruising of the head leading to stroke.

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Especially since Injuries Impressive Like this big wound shared by an internet user who risked the Paul Great Challenge.

A stupid challenge in the midst of an epidemic

To the city of Baltimore, due to the health condition associated with Govt and the congestion of hospitals, This challenge is coming at a bad time. On Twitter, officials wrote to check the occupancy rate of hospital beds before embarking on dangerous challenges. Some commentators even go Paul suggests that those who attempt the Great Challenge may not benefit from free treatment if injured.

For his part, Dictac intervened by blocking related search results The challenge. Therefore, this site displays a message informing users that these videos do not comply with network rules. However, on Twitter and Instagram, the videos are still visible.

We may not remember it enough, but these are the challenges that are developing in social networks It is very dangerous and it is strongly recommended not to reproduce them to gather some options or views